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HeeSun Lee

HeeSun Lee
Country:United States
Info:HeeSun Lee has come far from where she started. Born in Seoul, Korea on June 4th, 1983, she was sadly abandoned by her birth family. She was then placed into a foster home, and later adopted when she was four months old.

Growing up in Staten Island, New York was easy, until she met her teenage years and began struggling with her identity. Heesun realized parts of her life were missing because of being adopted, and that fueled her desire to express her emotions.

She started writing poetry at the age of thirteen, and then as hip-hop began to influence her style, she took an interest in writing songs. Her heart was placed on paper every time she picked up a pen, and every battle she was fighting was evident in her rhymes.

After her grandmother passed away in 1999, she gave her life to Christ, and that sparked the beginning of her music career. Heesun started taking her passion more seriously, as she performed at local church events and school functions.

During her freshman year of college at Rutgers University, she hooked up with a ministry in Elmhurst, Queens, and recorded, "It's On," her first single.

After that, she started developing her craft all over New York City, performing at detention centers, block parties, church events, and colleges. She got heavy rotation at the Rutgers, Newark campus radio station, and was performing at her college on a daily basis.

Special appearances
Heesun was also a supporter of and performed several times for, "You Gotta Believe," a cable show that promotes adoption for teenagers. In 2005, she got the opportunity to perform at Flavor Fest in Tampa, Florida, where some of the biggest Gospel MC's minister at.

In 2004, she came out with her own EP Album and mixtape, and featured on 2 Compilation CDs.

Through it all, she still managed to graduate with a B.A. in Communication.

Personal Issues
Between 2006-2007, personal issues were taking a toll on Heesun's spiritual life and it caused her to take a break from ministry.

Debut album
She eventually decided to move on and start things over. In the middle of 2007, she met with Rock from Jahrock'n Productions, and together they produced her first full-length album called, "Re-defined" (2008).

This album mixes up Heesun's love for hip-hop and poetry. She comes in with a little swagger in her rhymes, and then brings it back to her roots with some spoken word pieces that are destined to hit the soul. Heesun breaks every stereotype and never compromises her self-worth in this album, and anyone who hears it will understand the true meaning of being re-defined.

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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released on July 25th, 2008.

1. Intro (Soldier)
2. Just Hush
3. Going To The Top Now
4. A Part Of Me - featuring Rock
5. Open Your Eyes - featuring Shanelle Gabriel
6. The Love Of My Life - featuring Koylan Massiell Gomez
7. New Day - featuring Rock
8. Christian Love
9. I Miss You - featuring Rock
10. Pray For Em
11. Why Are We Racist
12. Who You Are
13. Re-Defined
14. Outro (Soldier)
15. Bonus Track - featuring Peoplez Choice, Paradox & Conquest
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