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MC Bounds

MC Bounds
Country:United States
Releases:[How to be a man] [No detours]
Info:Gospel hip hop artist Clarence McBounds was born in Chicago, Illinois, the second sibling of 4 brothers.

Hip Hop
He definitely has a message for every man seeking a closer relationship with God. “How To Be A Man” (2007) relates to MC Bounds family life, personal struggles and the importance of having a personal relationship with God. Although it’s categorized as “Holy Hip Hop," the lyrical content reaches the depth of your soul.

Lyrical mission
McBounds is on a lyrical mission to guide men of all ages and ethnic groups on how to be a true man by loving God. McBounds first CD; “No Detours” (2006) was just a sample of the talent this young man possess. His new CD, "How To Be A Man" (2007) well thought out and written from life experiences. The ministry in McBounds music wants to reach the souls of every man from the prison walls to the pull pit, misguided youth and others.

Musical style
McBound's reputation is built on being the most vibrant and energetic gospel Holy Hip/Hop artist to take the stage. His musical style is raw, impressive, blessed and infectious. He has an amazing lyric arrangement filled with messages of deliverance and determination. McBounds wants people to experience God in their lives through the album “How To Be A Man” (2007).

For more information on Clarence McBounds you can visit or write:
Hi -Praz Network, Inc.
c/o Clarence McBounds
P.O. Box 438242
Chicago, IL 60643
(773) 499-5212

Release:How to be a man
How to be a man
(what is this?)
Media:[Audio CD]
Info:Produced by Clifton Jenkins & Aundre Miller

1. Intro
2. How To Be A Man
3. Somebody Said
4. Choices
5. Something's Gotta Hold On Me
6. Let's Ride
7. Shake It Off
8. I Got Time
9. Lady With A Legacy
10. What You Looking At
11. You Say
12. Outro
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Release:No detours
No detours
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Media:[Audio CD]
Info:1. Intro
2. Jesus Praise
3. Somebody Said Mc Bounds 04:38 0.99
4. Gods Trying
5. What would you do
6. Nothing
7. What I'm talking about
8. Jesus Rose
9. Shake it off
10. Miracle
11. Somethings Gotta Hold of me
12. Lord help me
13. Outro
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