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Caramel Skillington

Caramel Skillington
Country:United States
Info:Caramel Skillington are Smokey Craun - MC and Omar Sullivan - DJ residing in Black Lake, United States. Smokey is from Baltimore, Maryland and Omar is from Topeka, Kansas.

Jack the Rapper
Smokey and Omar met at Jack the Rapper 1996, where they exchanged demo tapes. "Mad Lion was smoking a cuban in the corner at the time," Smokey recalls. they made some music together, and after shopping their demo, got some attention from Wild Pitch. They were set to drop their debut "Knuckle-Plated Resolve," but Wild Pitch folded, and the crew was left holding the bag. they lost their masters, and became jaded on the industry as a whole.

Shoney's Buffet
Ten years later, after parting ways because of a dispute over who was less shook, they had a chance encounter at the aforementioned Shoney's buffet. years of beef melted away as plate after plate of fried shrimp and butter rice passed between them; the crew was reborn.

ILLECT Recordings took a flier on two vets in April 2008 and have given Caramel Skillington a chance to recapture their forgotten place in hip hop.

The duo is currently working on their album "Pre-loved Goods" (October 2008).

Release:Pre-loved Goods
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Recordlabel:ILLECT Recordings
Info:The album is scheduled for release in 2009.
No releasedate is set.

Source: Sphereofhiphop.com
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