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ILLECT Recordings

ILLECT Recordings
Contact:Josh Niemyjski
Info:Josh Niemyjski also known as Plastic started ILLECT Recordings in April 2003, after his departure from the Uprok Records label as the Artist & Repertoire manager. Josh Niemyjski had worked for Uprok from 2001-2003. He is also founder of the internetsite Sphereofhiphop.com and Sphere of Hip Hop Records, which was the first label he started in 1999.

In July 2006 several albums were made available for the first time through iTunes.

The young label made a deal with Earnest Jefferson's PGE Distribution Inc. (Point Of Grace Entertainment) to receive distribution in the christian retail market in the Fall of 2004. This turned out sour as U-Zone Magazine reported: Josh Niemyski of ILLECT Recordings paid marketing fees for a total of 5 projects only to discover that monies, averaging $4,000 per release, were never spent on promised ads. And when ILLECT did receive a check, it bounced twice and they still lost around $15,000. "That's a big deal for a new label with a lot of personal finances at stake" states Josh.
The label broke off all ties with PGE in 2005.

On February 28th, 2008 it is announced Soup the Chemist and Illect Recordings will team up to re-release "Eargasmic Arrangements" (2003).

New additions
On April 24th, 2008 it was announced Caramel Skillington signed to ILLECT Recordings. Caramel Skillington are Smokey Craun (MC) and Omar Sullivan (DJ).

Sources: Stealing Dreams : PGE Walks Away With Thousands Of $ / Curtis Jermany, U-Zone Magazine nr. 9, 2007
Address:876 Rolling Ridge Ave SE
Zipcode:MN 5590
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Mood Enhancement (pre-release) Sivion - Mood Enhancement (pre-release)
Middle Class Artisan Ajax Starglider - Middle Class Artisan
Guest Room Cas Metah - Guest Room
In like Flynn Flynn Adam Atkins - In like Flynn
Mood enhancement Sivion - Mood enhancement

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