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Mista Tru

Mista Tru
Aliases:This artist is (or was) also known as: [MaxOne]
Country:United States
Releases:[The Wonder Years EP] [Straighten Up]
Info:Steve Trudeau is Mista Tru (Mr. Tru), who made his first EP as member of the crew Zebulun Offspring in 1992.

Name Changes
Steve was then known as Uni-T, he changed that alias into Mista Tru, before settling with MaxOne. He made a guest appearance in the song "I don't get it" in 1994.

Sackloth Fashion
The first solo effort of Mista Tru "Straighten Up", although not officially released, saw the light in 1997. But Steve Trudeau joined forces with the crew Sackloth Fashion and the project Straighten Up would lay the foundation for the crew's next release the EP "We've only Just Begun" (1997).

Syntax Records
Max and his brother Tim Trudeau (producer sirROCDOMZ) founded Syntax Records in San Diego, California in 1997.

The EP The Wonder Years is released in 2004 containing bonus material of the artist.
MaxOne is working on a new mixtape entitled Maxtape in 2006. No releasedate is known as of yet.

Release:The Wonder Years EP
The Wonder Years EP
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Syntax Records
Info:This 6 track EP is the first release under the artist name MaxOne and contains extra bonus material from 1992 and onwards.

1. Chance?
2. What You're Doing
3. Moves
4. Side By Side By Side - featuring Def Shepard
5. I Will Not Stop
6. Well Rounded

Bonus tracks
7. I Got The Clearance - 1992
8. Up Ya Nose - 1992
9. Dead Menís Bones - 1994
10. Steez - 1994
11. Verbal Eyes - 1996
12. Jungle - 1996
13. Urban Soldiers - 1999
14. This Fear of Hip Hop - 1999
15. Pulling a Fast One RMX - 2000
16. I'm a Lie - 2000
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Release:Straighten Up
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Info:This should be seen more as a project from MaxOne then a record. It contained the first version of "Liquid Demon", which would find it's place on the debut release "Something for everyone to hate" of Sackloth Fashion in 1999. Plus the record laid the basis for the We've only just begun EP from Sackloth Fashion in 1997. This project did not get pressed, but the songs evolved into the new releases of Sackloth and therefore worth mentioning.
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