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Khul Rhema

Khul Rhema
Country:United States
Releases:[What The World Needs Now] [The Incredible HudRock EP]
Info:Tico Hudson (Atlanta, Georgia) also known as Khul Rhema, from the disbanded crew Ziklag Boyz, released his first EP The Incredible HudRock in 2006.

This first solo recording after the Ziklag's disbandment in 2005 deals with betrayal and his own "self-destructive" habits.

The EP might be a coming to terms with the discontinuation of the Ziklag Boyz. Tico stated in the press release: "I want to first of all apologize personally to all of you, as I feel that I have let you down in that I fell to sin. I feel that I am primarily responsible for the disbanding of Ziklag because I believe that as the man that God charged with carrying the vision out, that nothing could have hindered or destroyed the group unless I allowed it to happen. With my sins, I opened the door to the enemy and gave him enough room to come in and steal what has been a blessing and encouragement to many of you."

"Through you, multitudes will be ushered into the Kingdom." These are the words spoken to Tico through the Spirit on a hot August night in southern California back in 1996. 2Pac had just been killed three months before.

Native Georgia
A moment in time that brought many grievances to the young, inspiring producer, who had made his way to 'killa Cali' from his native Georgia home the year before in a longshot quest to be "discovered."

All within that year, Tico withstood everything from threats and attacks on his life from gang sets, who for the most part, grew to know and accept him into their fold. The MC at one point, was a "trapper" (editor: drug dealer) with a Crip set in LA County, to almost signing with a very corrupt record label ran by a notorious LA gang member and drug kingpin, and even dealing with homelessness, opting to sleep in a Greyhound bus station for a while.

Even though Tico was no stranger to life in the streets, he began selling crack at age 15, he managed to finish college with honors and, in essence, this set of circumstances proved to be more than he could bear. It was in the midst of these experiences that Tico had learned from an uncle that God was a "burden-removing, yoke-destroying God." Those words stuck with him, even as he continued on with life in the ghetto streets and eventually led him into the presence of a true and living God, seeking His power to remove burdens and destroy yokes.

"I have many burdens and my whole life feels like a yoke. I don't want to live anymore!" Tico cried to God as he thought about the loaded 9mm pistol he carried in his backpack, "but I heard that You can remove these burdens from my life," he bargained, "and if you do, I will serve you with the rest of my life."

With these words came a life-altering experience in the true presence of God unlike anything he'd ever experienced. He became overwhelmed with a Spirit of joy and peace even as he still had nowhere to lay his head, a feeling that he describes as being "un-describable." That same day, Tico accepted a job moving pianos that paid him, on the average, $100 dollars a day in cash, ending his days in the Greyhound station.

It was no more than a couple weeks later that Tico received the infilling of the Holy Spirit and began to communicate with God on a personal level that has proven to be a lifeline to him. It was then when God told him that multitudes would be ushered into the Kingdom through him. A week later, he was unctioned by the Spirit to visit a Christian bookstore for the first time in his life.

Gospel Rap
This is where he ran upon a small section of cds entitled "Gospel Rap." Tico describes his first thought and reaction to seeing this section as being one of rage and disgust: "I felt like these guys were obviously playing with God, man. I didn't think that God and rap mixed."

After receiving the unction to listen to a couple of the CDs. Future Shock, Tunnel Rats, Nuwine, DJ Dove and Gospel Gangstas were among others that really impressed him. It only took a couple of minutes before Tico realized that it was God's will that he get on the mic and use his gift of making music to represent the Kingdom of God. "This is what I want you to do," said the still, yet recognizable voice of God.

Own labels
The MC has founded his own label, PowwerHouse Productions in 2006 to release his new projects, which would receive distribution through Sony-BMG/Provident-Integrity.

But the 2007 album "What The World Needs Now" is released through the label Gozpul Music. The MC signed to this label in November 2006. Distribution for this album is still dealt with by Sony-BMG/Provident-Integrity.

The MC is also featured on DJ Lace's Mix Club Volume 15 entitled Krazy Knuck 2005.

Khul Rhema's debut album entitled "What The World Needs Now" is scheduled for 2007.

Release:What The World Needs Now
What The World Needs Now
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Gozpul Music
Info:The album is released on July 3rd, 2007.
Production by Matthew Slyman, Tico Hudson, Terrance Bolen, MicBeats and D. Sean Marks.

1. Crucial Intro
2. Get Loose
3. Grindin'
4. I Represent Him
5. Throw 'Em Up
6. Praizin' God
7. Frienemies
8. Ride
9. banin' In My Whip
10. What The World Needs Now (poem)
11. Can't Survive
12. Icy
13. King Solomon
14. Almighty$
15. I'm Not Perfect
16. Outro- Get saved
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Release:The Incredible HudRock EP
The Incredible HudRock EP
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:PowwerHouse Productions
Info:1. Intro
2. We Can't Survive
3. Fo' Sheezy
4. Frienemies (A Poem)
5. Ride
6. The Incredible Hud Rock
7. Keep On Pushin' (Interlude)
8. We Dem Souljahs - featuring Sanctified Souljahs & St. Clair
Rating:Our users rated this release: 7 out of 10
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