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Carriers of the Cross

Carriers of the Cross
Country:United States
Releases:[Hip-Hop Missionaries (EP)] [Against The Grain] [The Rebirth (single)] [Carriers] [Chess masters EP]
Info:Carriers of the Cross Ministries is a Christ centric multi-ethnic group of young people picking up their cross and carrying it to fulfill God's calling in their lives. They are inspired by Matthews 10:38 "anyone who does not take up his cross and follow me (Christ) is not worthy of me."

In 1998 a question was posed, "If your God is so real, omnipresent, infinite and relevant why is He not being represented in the hip hop culture?" Eddie Cortes, also known as Substance, was left speechless.

First rap
Hoping to prove his peer that God is the God of all things including hip hop, Substance went home and wrote his first rap song. He soon realized that there were many more of his peers who questioned God's triune existence and searched for the answers within what they found to define them, what they related to; the hip hop culture.

Soon after the word of God spoke to Mr. Cortes during a sermon where his Pastor referred to Matthews 10:38; "anyone who does not take up his cross and follow me is not worthy of me."
And thus the Carriers were born in October 1998.

The Carriers consisted during the debut album (2001):

Eddie Cortes a.k.a. "Riz Ciphis"& "Substance" - MC
Darlene Cortes - Singer
Jeremiah Smaha a.k.a. "The Prophecyer" - MC
James W Smith III a.k.a. "Jai-S" - MC / Producer
Remy Basuri a.k.a. "Remix" - Producer
Robert Martin a.k.a. " DJ Elementz" - DJ

Line Up
The new line up for 2006 is:

Eddie Cortes a.k.a. "Riz Ciphis" & "Substance" - MC/speaker
Jeremiah Smaha a.k.a. "The Prophecyer" - MC
Remy Basuri a.k.a. "Remix" - Producer
XXXXX a.k.a. Finite - Speaker

Eddy Cortes
Substance also known as Eddie Cortes is the founder of Carriers of the Cross Ministries, Inc. He is responsible for the overall direction of the ministry and most of the back end administrative management. In addition Substance shares his time as husband to his wife Darlene and as father to his daughter Lyilah.

Campus Crusade
Eddie Cortes also works full time for Campus Crusade for Christ and attends Florida Christian College in pursuit of his degree in Christian Leadership, then possibly seminary. Eddie has over thirteen years of youth ministry experience.

Jeremiah Smaha
The Prophecyer also known as Jeremiah Smaha is son of Reverend Joseph Smaha, Pastor of Paramus Community Alliance Church. Jeremiah remains a youth leader at his church giving him several years of youth ministry experience that extends back ten years.

Art Consultant
In addition he works full time as an Art Consultant for multiple Thomas Kinkade Signature Galleries in the New York/New Jersey area. As an original member of the Carriers dating back to 1998, Mr. Smaha assists in most of the administrative duties such as general booking of ministry engagements.

Remy Basuri
Remix also known as Remy Basuri is son of Reverend Basuri, Pastor of Church of the Community in Clifton, New Jersey. Remy plays the drums as part of the praise and worship group of his local church. He also attends William Paterson University as a full time student majoring in TV Broadcasting and music engineering. Remy works at Verizon Wireless part time as a customer care representative.

Studio engineer
Mr. Basuri produces most of the musical tracks for the Carriers of the Cross as well as engineers concert and studio recording sessions.

In 2005 they signed a national distribution contract with EMI Gospel and Holy Hip Hop.

Their debut video is "Judge Me Not" (2002) from their first album "Carriers" (2001). In November 2007 they filmed the music video "The Rebirth Remix" featuring Myster'L.

In 2004 Carriers of the Cross were honored with a Holy Hip Hop Music Award for ecellent and effective ministry within the hip hop culture.

The crew can be heard for the first time on the Sphere of Hip-Hop Compilation #1 (1997). In 2001 the Carriers independently released their debut album entitled "Carriers of the Cross."

In 2006 Carriers of the Cross have released their sophmore album titled "Against the Grain." A new EP entitled "Hip-Hop Missionaries" is coming in 2008.

Release:Hip-Hop Missionaries (EP)
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:ServOne Entertainment
Info:The EP is scheduled for release late 2008.
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Release:Against The Grain
Against The Grain
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Holy Hip Hop
Info:The album is released on August 15th, 2006.

1. Anthem Live
2. Against the Grain
3. Black Hole
4. On a Mission - featuring Jai-S
5. Madd Flo
6. Dad
7. Warriors
8. Who You Rep?
9. Beyond the Mic
10. Rebirth Remix
11. Letter from the Grave - featuring Myster L
12. Introspect
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Release:The Rebirth (single)
The Rebirth (single)
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Recordlabel:I-66 Entertainment
Info:1. The rebirth
2. Peace on earth
3. Who you rep?
4. The rebirth - instrumental
5. Peace on earth - instrumental.
6. Who you rep? - instrumental
7. On a mission
8. Mad flow
9. It's on tonight RMX - bonus track
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Released:2001 [ Listen to HHH from this era on Spotify ]
Recordlabel:I-66 Entertainment
Info:In 2001 released as an independant product. In 2002 the full length CD got released for national distribution.

1. In 4 life - remix
2. Crucible
3. Lyrical battle - featuring The Process
4. It's on tonight
5. Judge me not - featuring Linkz Virus
6. Luke warm church - skit
7. You never told me
8. Don't care
9. Carriers
10. Concrete jungle
11. Where ya at
12. Abba why?
13. How dare you
14. Outro
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Release:Chess masters EP
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Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:First release of the Carriers of the Cross.
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