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Infinite Radio

Infinite Radio
Country:United States
Info:Infinite Radio was an online holy hip hop radio station, that operated from Columbus, Ohio. The station was founded by Rick D in 2003.
The radio activities have stopped in 2006 and the company is now focussed on releasing music.

Release:Infinite mix CD volume 2 : the next generation
Infinite mix CD volume  2 : the next generation
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Recordlabel:Infinite International
Info:Artists featured are ADF, BreevEazie, Face, God Sunz, High Priest, Jesus or Bust, K-Drama, King Ray, Knine, Damon Lamar, Ni Mills, Platinum Souls, Rick D, Mike Shelton, Trew, Illy Wonka, Yavis and Young Ray.

1. Intro
2. Something serious
3. It's about time
4. Representing Christ
5. Buff times
6. God sunz
7. Dance to it
8. Interlude
9. Say what
10. Hott
11. What it is
12. Did he say that
13. Who got that fire
14. Damon Lamar
15. Ni Mills
16. Rock n Roll
17. Interlude
18. Wonk wonk
19. Turn the lights on
20. Show you
21. Trew
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