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Truth, The

Country:United States
Info:The Truth consisted of two members, who are Isaiah DA Outsyda (September 26, 1980), and Brian Ewing, also known as Maximillion Warchild (December 19, 1980). The Truth is also known as also known as Max N Zeke or Max and Zeke.

They feel like they have something to prove to God first then to their listening audience.
Max says "Our destination is to save a million, even a billion, I don't want to put any limits on God!" They know they're not worthy of anything, but they remain ecstatic that God chose them to tell the truth in a way not compromising to man.

Maximillion Warchild
He was born on December 19, 1980 to Katrina Nash. Raised by a single Christian mother, he knew the ways of the word, but chose otherwise for a period of time. After a stint in Atlanta Georgia, he moved back to the streets of Chicago. Max started gangbanging at an early age. Drugs, violence and destruction were following him, trapping him into a lifestyle that he wasn't fit to live.

However, music was always a part of his life. He grew up listening to the likes of Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, and Roger Zapp, as well as secular rappers such as Scarface, Mystical, Fiend, The Geto Boys, the late Big Punisher, and many more. "This is what I want to do for the rest of my life," he said to himself, over and over again.

Hip hop
Max joined a rap group and did performances on and off, but knew in his heart that wasn't the way to go. Max met Isaiah DA Outsyda in the halls of Rich Central High. They rhymed at their lockers, sharpening their skills gathering attention of many people. One faithful day after performing at a Jamboree at Lights of Zion church in Chicago IL, Max realized that he was using his gift of rapping for the wrong purpose and set in his heart to dedicate his gift back to God, as well as his life. "It's like I had to start all over again, learning to live, learning to rap, and everything."

Isaiah DA Outsyda
Isaiah was born on September 26, 1980. He was born to Rev. Horace D. Russell Sr. and Evangelist Gloria Russell. Growing up, Isaiah began to notice he was different at a young age. After struggling heavy with asthma as a child, he suffered many medical complications. Then one day God changed his life! "I was in the bathroom, and I was around six years old when I saw an angel! He said to me 'be good and obey your parents'. Afterwards, my asthma was gone!" Instead of gangbanging, Isaiah chose to go down the road of sports and music. He became an awesome athlete and played basketball for his high school teams. He also is an accomplished drummer, with 8 plus years of experience.

Trying to fit in
Isaiah grew up listening to Salt N Pepa, Busta Rhymes, Redman and Method Man, The Clark Sisters, Kim McFarland, OutKast and many others. He began rapping, glorifying murder, sex and drugs, things he had not been accustomed to being the son of a preacher. " I'm not gonna lie, I was just trying to fit in" he say's. " I knew I had always wanted to be some type of a writer, because I used to write stories as a youngster, and poems. I wrote this one poem about my teacher Mrs. McClinton, because I had the biggest crush in the world on her. She was a grown lady with dimples out of this world" he jokes.

After receiving many basketball scholarships, Isaiah had a huge downfall. His lung collapsed in 1997, leaving his dreams of playing collegiate sports on hold. Instead of blaming God, he gave his life to the Lord. He knew the Lord had something else for him to do. After hooking up with Max in high school, they bonded, and did music solo and collectively.

The truth
Then one day God called them to do music for his purpose and namesake. "We chose to dedicate our gift back to God, so that he can get the glory out of our music. After forming "The Truth" in 1999, they have traveled around the world telling the goodness of Christ. They tell people "when it comes to Christ; it doesn't have to be cheesy". The Truth has been heard on Breathe Easy's album Baby Food and on The Gathering, a Grapetree compilation album soon to be released.

Their debut album "The Truth Hurts" was released on Grapetree Records in 2002.

Unfortunately, later that year in 2003 Grapetree Records folded and not only did the label fold but The Truth also unknowingly signed away the rights to their name, songs and album to Knolly Williams.

Shelved Album
So in 2004, The Truth officially changed their name to Max and Zeke, and joined The Keyz2Life Production Company and created their sophomore LP, "Christ Music". But due to the financial backing and lack of marketing, the album was never released and Max and Zeke became frustrated and over the next couple of months severed their ties.

Release:The Truth Hurts
The Truth Hurts
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Media:[Audio CD]
Released:2002 [ Listen to HHH from this era on Spotify ]
Recordlabel:Grapetree Records
Info:Executive Production by Knolly "Rubadub" Williams.

1. Ladies N Gentlemen
2. Loose Your Hold
3. In The After
4. Are You Ready
5. Dough, Ray, Me - featuring Breathe Eazy
6. Double Take
7. In My City
8. Capital
9. People - featuring Fiti Futuristic
10. Love
11. My Porch to Your Yard - featuring Fiti Futuristic
12. The Messenger
13. Praize
14. Pass the Mic
15. H.E.A.D.BANG!
16. Soul Saver
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