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Country:United States
Info:Liquid is the 2006 addition to Gotee Records' hip hop roster of artists.

Liquid is raised by his grandmother, since his mother was 17 years old when he was born and his father turned just 15, eleven days later. His father's family moved to California and his mother had her own problems as he states "My mom was in and out of my life—she did what she could, but she was very deep into drugs at one point and never steady enough to raise me. So I spent most of my time with my grandmother, and she took me in after my mom died. I was 12, and I was used to running in the streets most of the day, learning how to survive."

When his brother wanted to sell his keyboard for $100, Liquid begged his grandmother to buy it—and she did. That’s when music started for this MC. As he says "I locked myself in my room for hours and hours. It was my therapy—and it kept me off the streets.”

The MC mixes Latino-tinged R&B, old-school hip-hop, and 1970s soul with rock, jazz, reggae and even flamenco melodies.

Liquid's debut album Tales From The Badlands is released on Gotee records in 2006.

The name Badlands is from the film production 20/20, which was shot in his neighbourhood. As Liquid says: “But the neighborhood wasn’t called ‘The Badlands’ before 20/20 named it. And for me, I’ve felt nothing but love from there. So I think this record is me saying, ‘Hey, look at what’s come from the place you call “The Badlands”.’” I’m from the ghetto where guns are used by little ones that are often abused / and Twenty-Twenty bad lands the news / consist of thugs but Christians live here, too / let’s change…city of gangstas and brotherly love, city of hustlers and suffering thugs / but there’s a sign of life in our youth / they look up to the things we do / teach them to love and we cant lose / help them to find a right path to choose… (“Ghetto”)

“My goal is to be as honest as possible, in every sense,” Liquid notes. “I want to be honest about the drug dealers and crime, that thugs pull out guns three yards away from you, the fights—it’s all horrible stuff. But I also remember growing up that if we ever needed anything, even a loaf of bread, our neighbors took care of us."

On February 20th, 2007 it was announced that Liquid's album Tales From The Badlands (2006) is nominated for the 38th Annual GMA Dove Awards in the category Urban Album of the Year.

His debut album Tales From The Badlands is released in 2006. The same year he will release a latin album.

Release:Tales From The Badlands
Tales From The Badlands
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Gotee Records
Info:The album is released on July 18th, 2006.

1. Back in the Day
2. One Time
3. Mi Gente
4. Crazy
5. Good to Be Back
6. Sunrise
7. Ghetto
8. Pressing On
9. Gangsta
10. Swing Low
11. So Real
12. When the Sun Goes Down
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