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Country:United States
Info:Sonik is another new solo artist added to the 4th Man Records roster. His MC career started on the battlefield in cyphers, until he acccepted christ at a Fros'T concert in the mid 1990s.

Long Beach
Sonik is born in 1979 in the city of Long Beach. He is the third of six children. He states "At the age of eight I knew who God was, but wasnít sure of his importance in this world ,so caught up in being a kid and not knowing just how short life could be at such a young age".

His father and mother, both at the young age of 28, were working hard and saving money to move the family out of the broken down drug infested neighborhood they lived in. Then they moved 50 miles inland to the dry city of Fontana. During that time Sonik was in the second grade and so far the youngest of three children.

As the years went by the family was expanded to six, I had two older sisters, two younger sisters and one younger brother. When Sonik was in middle school, the sixth grade, he was already running track and cross country and known as the fastest kid in the school with spiky hair.

The Name
The MC was therefore given the name Sonik, after a Sega video game character called "Sonic the Hedgehog", who also ran fast and had spikes coming out of his head.

The MC started hanging out with the wrong crowd and felt secure that nobody would mess with him, if he hung out with gang members.
As he states "Most of the kids in the school were scared of them and that made me feel protected."

Gangster Rap
During this time he memorized most of the mainstream gangster rap lyrics that were on the radio and his friends would ask him to recite them all the time. The gang Sonik was hanging around with at school asked him and another friend to join the gang and they both agreed to do so.

Rite of passage
To get accepted by the gang a rite of passage sometimes is accustomed as Sonik says: "After school one day my friend got jumped into the gang at a park. I was nervous knowing I was next. A lady in a van was passing by and she rolled down her window and said she would call the cops, if we didnít leave. So we agreed to meet up at a different park the following day".

Walking Home
Sonik walked home and met his older cousin Paul, who was waiting for him. Paul knew his nephew liked rap music so he invited him to his church Praise chapel in Riverside to attend a rap concert of Fros'T.

Darkened Soul
The young MC tells: "That night something transpired and I felt the warm spirit of God in my cold darkened soul. I gave my life to God and never looked back." He stopped hanging around the crowd he used to and began to write his own lyrics using Jesus as his inspiration.

Debut Album
He released his debut album "The Now Testament" on May 23rd, 2006.

Release:The Now Testament
The Now Testament
(what is this?)
Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:4th Man Records
Info:The album is released May 23rd, 2006. On the cover the title is stated as "The Book Of My Life".

1. The Book
2. The Book Of My Life
3. Introduce You
4. Weep
5. Call Me
6. Friend
7. Come Back
8. Horizon
9. Have Some Love
10. Kill Myself
11. Rejoice
12. Question
13. See
14. I Know
15. Winning It Back
16. You
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