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Souf Land

Country:United States
Releases:[Souf Land (pre-release album)] [Arkansas]
Info:The members of Souf Land are "Krazy World", "Spitkwik", and "II Tre". The crew has been together, since May, 2003. They each attended high school together at Fort Smith Northside in a period of time when they rapped with a multi-talented group called "Southern Christian Klique" (SCK). With SCK they matured in their rap skills, performance skills, and christian walk.

Almost a year after the first SCK album was released in June 2002, there came a time period when Krazy World, Spitkwik, and II Tre felt as though God had called them to another vision, so they decided to go a seperate way. As a result, Souf Land was born.

The crew comes from the Souf region of the United States. However SOUF is also an acronym which is: Sold Out Unrelentlessly For the Lord Annointed Not Deterring.

One Pastor
Souf Land decided to get planted in one church and submit to a man of God. They found that if they were all being submitted under one pastor and being planted in one church they would be on one accord and doors would open for them simply because of what they were doing for another man's vision.

Talent Show
Amazingly, only three months after Souf Land was established, the group won a national talent show at New Light Christian Center in Houston, Texas (north location).

LG Wise
Then out of nowhere, about a week or two later, LG Wise (formerly of Grapetree Records) visited their church home. After seeing and hearing them, LG Wise decided to take them under his wing and make them a part of his label (Wise Up Records).

Debut Album
Eager to make things happen, they recorded their debut album Arkansas in a matter of days. The album is released May 25th, 2004.

Release:Souf Land (pre-release album)
Souf Land (pre-release album)
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:This pre-release came out in May 2005.

1. Get Rowdy
2. Dusty
3. Hurrup
4. Northside (We Rep Dat)
5. Arkansas
6. Arkansas (Hog Mix)
7. Arkansas (Krunk Hog Mix)
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Wise Up Records
Info:The album is released on May 25th, 2004.

1. Intro
2. Bounce Boogie Bang
3. When We Dip - featuring Future
4. Radio Request skit
5. AllStarzz
6. Ridin - featuring Young Wiz
7. Lift Him
8. 15 Minutes skit
9. Spot Souls
10. Arkansas
11. W.O.G. skit
12. Woman Of God - featuring D'Avrij Soul
13. Request Granted skit
14. That One Song (Here We Go)
15. Heads Up
16. Volume One - featuring L.G. Wise
17. Slow Ya Roll - featuring D'Avrij Soul
18. He's My Savior
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