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Richie Righteous

Richie Righteous
Country:United States
Releases:[RICH : Resting in Christ Hands] [Censorship]
Info:Richard Mohammed Ishmael was born in the country of Guyana, South America. His dad was the Pastor of a church called Eccles assembly of God.

At around age 11 Richie and his family migrated to the United States where they settled in Queens New York. There Richie quickly fell in love with the hip hop culture which was rapidly growing in America.
His dad started a church in Jamaica, Queens called Jamaica Assembly of God. In church Richie was active playing the drums. Although he was active in church he was being heavily influenced by the outside world. His actions with the kids in his apartment building and at his high school were not approved by his father.

He even hung out in places where drugs were being heavily sold and guns were carried, fortunately Richie was never involved in a crime. In addition to this, he never smoked or drank. Richie hung with people that did not know God and even though he rarely mentioned God he still wished that they knew Christ.

Richie's brother then purchased a keyboard and it was then that Richie started experimenting with it and started to write his own songs; solely hip-hop and reggae. He began to reach out to his friends through his music.

Grew Apart
Typical of teenagers, Richie began to feel that he knew everything and his father and him grew apart. And when Richie and his dad finally began to develop a relationship his father died in front of him. During this time Richie went through a time of sorrow and questioning.

His faith in Christ took a strong blow; He was doing music but it was not "real" to him. He, during this time eventually went on to get a girl pregnant out of wedlock. Now he was faced with the decision of whether or not he should abort his unborn child. Concerns, fears and thoughts ran though his head: he was in the church and a known artist locally; how could he go about telling people that he got a girl pregnant?

The choice of abortion seemed to be the best one but then God stepped in and said "Enough". God and Richie made an agreement that if he kept the baby, God would take care of the child.
Richie from then on became Righteous and kept the child. Today his son, Sehven, and Richie is happily married to his son's mother, Sherry-Ann Ishmael also known as Lady Righteous.

Today him, his wife, his son and newly born daughter minister the gospel wherever they go as a family. God has brought this Richie a long way and will continue to. Today Richie Righteous is an MC who simply spits for the great- "I AM" and un-relentlessly tells what's "the real".

The MC has started a label known as Righteous Entertainment and released his debut album Censorship in 2004.

Besides the musical style hip hop the MC makes reggae music.

New project
On October 23rd, 2007 The MC announces his sophomore record "R.I.C.H." to be released in 2009.

The artist's goal with his new album in 2009 is to sell 50,000 units in the first week. This to generate more attention to christian hip hop in the media (November 2007). If the 2009 album reached this goal is not known.

Sources: Can Richie Righteous sell 50,000 CDs in one week? / Bert Bocachica : Illspot.net, November 28th, 2007 ; 50,000 Copies in one week / Richie Righteous : Richierighteous.net, November 9th, 2007.

Release:RICH : Resting in Christ Hands
RICH : Resting in Christ Hands
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Righteous Entertainment
Info:The album is released on February 6th, 2009.

1. They Call me R.I.C.H
2. Prayer For the Youth
3. Do Wut it Do
4. MRI
5. Rest In Christ Hands - featuring Valerie Boyd
6. Can't Take it With You
7. I Need You In My Life
8. Who You Represent?
9. What the World Needs Now
10. New York, New York
11. Patiently Waiting
12. 101 Interlude
13. Salvation 101
14. Independent Artist
15. Can't Take it With You (Remix)
16. The Interview
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Righteous Entertainment
Info:1. Welcome to Censorship
2. Yall Done Slipped Up
3. Kept My Heart Humbled
4. Who we are
5. I'm So High
6. Throw Ya hand up
7. Remember The Whips
8. We are at War
9. Hollaback
10. Applause
11. Wedding Day
12. Live in Brooklyn
13. We Miss You
14. Can't Stop
15. Bonus song: Jesus
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