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Aliases:This artist is (or was) also known as: [MC Just]
Country:United States
Info:Kenneth Villers from Austin, Texas is Akalyte, formerly known as MC Just.

Kenneth was never baptized or brought into any religion or church as a child. His mother and father, Robert and Catherine Villers, were not very religious. Robert was a fallen away catholic and Catherine was a Baptist turned mormon, although she never really practiced her faiths.

Most of the time they were worried and full of stress because of financial problems. Kenneth was also stressed because of the problems at home and at school. He was always picked on and threatened many times; as a result he tried to better himself in the eyes of is "oppressors" which meant to become a class clown and a failure. That did not work.

Kenneth's parents died in 1994, hi father had a heart attack in august and his mother died of aneurysm in December. So Kenneth had to move with his sister and brother in law. Things never got better for him, he was becoming a living wreck.

Inspired by secular hip-hop that blasphemed God, including some rappers who rapped about the many ways to commit suicide. Kenneth's mind was corrupt; he started to hate his own family and always fought and argued with them. He himself so inspired by the music also had thoughts of suicide.

He claimed many times that he would never change and that would always be a bad and perverse person. His sister tried to warn him and tried to get him to read the bible but he never listened. Obviously, God was there and he was watching Kenneth, even though he was into rapping and blaspheming God with his words, God was merciful.

A day came when Kenneth was online looking for someone to chat with and he found someone by the name of "mercy" from south Texas. They started chatting. "Mercy" (Patricia Romero) happened to be a Roman Catholic. They were chatting about religion and faith, Kenneth was skeptical at first but continued to listen.

A few months went by and Kenneth decided to meet Patricia in person; so he flew down to south Texas from Massachusetts. Patricia invited him to a catholic shrine and Kenneth was inspired, she gave Kenneth her rosary and a bottle of holy water. Kenneth went back home, and they continued chatting and talking on the phone; then, they started to fall in love and decided to get married.

Kenneth left Massachusetts and his family and married Patricia. They then moved to Austin, Texas. Once again Kenneth and Patricia visited the shrine that inspired Kenneth.

This is when Kenneth was touched by the Holy Spirit this is the time when God called Kenneth to become Catholic. While at the shrine, Kenneth fell to his knees and broke out into tears; from that moment on, Kenneth was a changed person, his mind and heart was totally changed and focused on the Lord.

Prayer Walk
Kenneth then went through RCIA at Saint Louis Catholic Church in Austin, Texas. He was then baptized, confirmed, and received the Holy Eucharist. A few hours before Kenneth was baptized, he went on a prayer walk and asked God what he wanted him to do.

The response was to do music for God and his True Church, and since Kenneth had a talent for rapping, he used that talent for God and his Church. A few months later Kenneth found Phatmass.com and that is when he became MC Just.

After featuring on the Phatmass.com compilation as MC Just he released his debut album Ultramontane in 2006 under the artist name Akalyte.

The title "Ultramontane" means :A Catholic who accepts the pope’s authority in all matters, particularly dogma and doctrine.The name means “beyond the Alps,” specifically Rome.

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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released May 25th, 2006.

1. Intro Pledge
2. Orthodox
3. The Mighty Pen - featuring Moses the Black and Sammy Blaze
4. One Mic
5. Ultramontane
6. Freedom
7. Heaven
8. Gates of Hell II
9. Warrior Saints
10. Missionary Rap
11. Rapologetics
12. Testimony
13. Holy Matrimony
14. New Conquest
15. It's Like That
16. Crusade II
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