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Big Nate

Big Nate
Country:United States
Info:Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time - 1Peter 5:6. This is the scripture that has been Big Nate's guiding light since being privileged to become apart of the SGR family from May 2001.

Becoming apart of this awesome family
has allowed him to see that this journey with Christ is about reaching out to those in this lost and dying world.

Convicted by his peers and found guilty on all counts, Big Nate or Nathan Pickney from Houston, Texas sought redemption for his past mistakes. But since his rededication to Christ in February 1999, Big Nate's conviction was overturned and he was forgiven.

It's no secret that Nate hasn't always been saved. At the age of 13 his life soon changed as his parents parted ways. A life filled with drug and alcohol abuse, as well as womanizing soon became the norm.

This was definitely not a person you would want to seek out for Godly wisdom, but our Maker had other plans for Big Nate. Not only has he been blessed to minister on the mic, but in the pulpit as well.

Big Nate made his debut with the album The Verdict on SGR Music Group in 2004.

Release:The Verdict : Only God Can Judge Me
The Verdict : Only God Can Judge Me
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:SGR Music Group
Info:The album is released in August, 2004.

1. Me and My Homeboy (intro)
2. The Verdict
3. What U In It 4
4. Sick- N- Tired
5. A Voice From Da Ghetto
6. Ghetto Luv
7. Dirty Man
8. Sticky Situation
9. Money Thangz
10. That Good Luv
11. Dear Lord
12. Is It Me
13. Music 2 Ride 2
14. The Heist
15. Outro
16. Why You Want Him
17. He Perfects Those Thangz
18. The Fast Lane
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