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Country:United States
Releases:[Princess Cut] [Diamond In The Rough]
Info:La Toya Burns is femcee Tragedy. She is signed to Houston's Southern Gospeltality Records (SGR) and released her debut album Diamond In The Rough in 2002.

The inspirational MC got her start as a teen performing on KBXX (97.9) -- FM's "Roll Call," a sort of call-in talent contest on the station's morning show. She reigned from the latter part of 1994 to 1996, winning local acclaim and the attention of J-Dub, a production team at P. Diddy's Bad Boy Records.

Drill sergeant
Soon she was making trips to Atlanta, to record what would have been her debut album. Her manager had big plans for her, and he took a drill sergeant approach to rehearsal.

"My manager at the time used to lock me in a room and make me practice for hours," she says. "I used to hate him. But when I went into the studio to record a track for the first time, I nailed it on the first take. Normally, no one can do that. My manager just folded his arms and said 'That's why I make you practice so hard. I'm proud of you.' Since then, I have always been a perfectionist. I don't believe in wasting anybody's money or time."

Tragedy recorded three singles before the project stalled. Around that time, she found herself going in another direction - both spiritually and musically. "A calling was placed on my life," she says. "The bible says many are called but the chosen are few. I had to answer my calling."

Tragedy left the secular recording world and hooked up with Houston rapper/producer Dereik Smith, founder of Southern Gospeltality Records, an independent label that focuses on "urban inspirational hip hop."

Tragedy released her debut album, Diamond in the Rough, in January. "When I first converted to religious rap, I came aboard and Dereik referred to me as a diamond in the rough," she explains. "The album's title symbolizes that the world is the rough and the woman is the diamond. As long as you're on this earth, you are a diamond and you are in the rough."

Though meant to be a form of testimony, Tragedy asserts that her music is as accessible as secular hip hop. It's simply the voice of a woman, who has gone through life's travails and found strength in spirituality and the unconditional love of God.

Tragedy states: "We all know that sex sells records," she says. "I'm not trying to give you what sells, I'm trying to bring you music that heals." The artist has a completely different approach and is focussed to women: "My music is basically reminding women that God does not make junk," she says. "My ministry is to women. No matter how people look at you, you are still a diamond. The value of a woman will never change. A woman is still a diamond regardless of what she's gone through."

Distribution was dealt through the Holy Hip Hop/EMI Gospel alliance for the "Princess Cut" album (2006).

Release:Princess Cut
Princess Cut
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:SGR Music Group
Info:The album is released July 18th, 2006.
Production by Sean Henderson, Big Boss,
Stikk, Marcus Dtray, Phil.
Guest appearances by Alexandria, Big Nate, Shei Atkins, Son Zu, Smitty and SOJ.

1. The Man Upstairs
2.This Life Is Mine
3. Princess Cut
4. Good Time
5. Video Viren
6. Virtuous Woman
7. The Struggle
8. What's Goin On
9. Fatal Attraction
10. Louisiana Purchase
11. Born Supremacy
12. Dear John
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Release:Diamond In The Rough
Diamond In The Rough
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Media:[Audio CD]
Released:2002 [ Listen to HHH from this era on Spotify ]
Recordlabel:SGR Music Group
Info:Guest appearances by Son of Jesse, NWOG, Da Click (SGR Gladiators), Renae, Stephanie, Tiffany and Jaaz.

1. Intro
2. Searchin
3. Daddy's Lil Girl
4. Broken Vows
5. Ex- Fiance
6. Me And My Man
7. Call 'Em Out
8. Mind Games
9. Don't Make Me Choose
10. Diamond In The Rough
11. X-Files
12. Queen Of The South
13. Little One
14. Let It Rain
15. Outro
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