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Illy Wonka

Illy Wonka
Country:United States
Info:Illy Wonka from Seattle/Everett, Washington is born and bred with a strong musical upbringing from a family full of musicians and singers, heís soaked up his musical environment as a child and has created his own visual hip hop art.

His dad was a hungry musician, who cut a record in the late 1960ís with his band and also played in the church for many years. He ended up touring with Stevie Wonder, The Rolling Stones, Kenny G, and the Band of multi- billionaire Paul Allen, along the way.

Illy states: "I grew up in church for most of my life and Iím proud I was raised up with the Love and Fear of God. Itís helped form who I am as a person today, Itís allowed me to keep a positive outlook on life regardless of the circumstances, giving me strength to believe in myself and my dreams. Iíve never lost my faith in God through everything IĎve enduredĒ.

Leveled with a good balance as he takes you on a expedition away from the heavy burdens of your world and into the pleasures and excitement full of positive energy.

But the MC has seen different times as he tells: "When I dropped out of church and graduated from High School and was on my own, I got involved with a lot of street activities. I had friends die, be killed, arrested and sent to prison, strung out and turned into fiends. I was associated with a lot of bad people. After about 7 years & some serious incidents in my life, I understood what I was doing and knew I had to make a change for the good."

Share Knowledge
He continues: "I wanna take my people on a personal past & present expedition and share my knowledge and experiences with them in hopes to change their minds and hearts away from the dead end road theyíre traveling on, similar to the one I once traveled. Everybodyís not gonna feel me and be able to relate to me, but I know millions out there can and will understand my story. I got nothing but love for my people and I wanna see us doin good out here, Iím here to help us out, in Jesus Name.Ē

Release:Seattle Rain (the dirty version)
Seattle Rain (the dirty version)
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:Production by Mugzy Stykez, Illy Wonka, Eric Huber, Jazz Digga, Roger Wood, AZN Alliance and Isaac Meek.
Guest appearances by Jazz Digga, Jay Bleezy, Plaatinum and TRU-D.

1. Seattle Rain
2. Wonk! Wonk!
3. Stomp With Me
4. Underdogs
5. It's Over & Done
6. Kiss
7. The Motto
8. Thank You
9. Up, Up, & Away
10. Comin To Your City
11. Shut Yo Mouth
12. Golden Girls
13. Girl Feel Me
14. Get The Hell Outta Here
15. Make You Listen
16. I Ain't Gon Change
17. I'm Like (1/2 man 1/2 amazin)
18. I'm Still Here
19. Ravens (dirty birds)
20. Young Vel Freestyle (phone freestyle)
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