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D. Class

D. Class
Country:United States
Info:Daniel Woodis from Baltimore is D. Class, besides being a MC he is also President & CEO of ClassHeat Records.

The Beginning
D. Class quickly became a product of hip hop in the beginning when it was about life, pain and the side of America that the masses didn't see. With a floor model stereo set and a dream he began to mimic Red Alert and Marley Marl with one goal in mind...to be one the hottest that ever did it.

Neighborhood DJ
As the neighborhood DJ, he played at all of the school dances and created a few groups in the process. He was the DJ for a female M.C. Infinity and locally famous battle rapper, Crush. In 1990, Young Class made another group called No Question with a man named Rated R which is now known in the holy hip hop world as Ric FLO from one of the hottest rap duos Platinum Souls.

The MC has worked with the likes of Frank Ski, Mike Phillips, John Waters, Shai, Platinum Souls and BET. He has radio producer, sound engineer to Sound Track producer to his credit. He now has turned a new episode in his life. After years being one of the innovators of “Baltimore House” music he has taken his production skills and given them to the Lord.

D. Class newest offering is the “The Book of Daniel” (the hip hop testiment) released on ClassHeat Records in 2006. The MC prays this “hip hop testament” will encourage and save souls.

Release:the Book Of Daniel : The Hip Hop Testiment
the Book Of Daniel : The Hip Hop Testiment
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:ClassHeat Records
Info:1. Intro
2. Now & Then
3. 16 Bars at a time
4. Praise the Lord
5. I wanna thank you
6. We're gonna do it
7. Til the casket drops
8. Where's your faith?
9. Faith in me
10. Pray 4 Ya'll (the poetry)
11. Pray 4 Ya'll (the rhyme)
12. Undeniable
13. My Everything
14. God is Wit me
15. Outro
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