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ClassHeat Records

ClassHeat Records
Info:D.Class is besides an artist, the label owner of ClassHeat Records.

Music Group
The ClassHeat Music Group was founded in 1991 by Baltimore native, Daniel Woodis (D.Class). As a DJ, the focus was to make a strong impression on the masses as a music giant in the urban market. Mr. Woodis had a passion for the arts and technology.

As the company and it's vision evolved to a musical ministry, ClassHeat Music Group created ClassHeat Records to serve as the hip hop change of pace by creating a team of producers and artists that can't be determined as territorial.

ClassHeat Music Group's focus is to provide the hottest christian music the world has ever heard. This label caters to the christian hip hop, christian R&B, soul and christian jazz markets by giving them the beats and sound they are hungry for while feeding them spiritually.
Country:United States
Phone:+ 770-925-7181
Fax:+ 404-474-2999
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Best Kept Secret Cash Hollistah - Best Kept Secret
the Book Of Daniel : The Hip Hop Testiment D. Class - the Book Of Daniel : The Hip Hop Testiment

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