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Russ-ILL the Journalist

Russ-ILL the Journalist
Info:Russ-ILL the Journalist from Regina, Saskatchewan has a heart that beats with an unbridled passion after God. A blind faith that has called him to minister in places most pastors wouldn't dare go.

A gifted man in speech, communication and the fine art of freestyle, these are just a few sentences that would begin to describe this Kingdom Music Inc. recording artist and freestyle phenom Russill the Journalist.

A native of Queens City (Regina, SK) with a background of full Native descent, Russill has felt a deep burden in him to share the uncompromised Word of God to a generation that has lost interest in the ways of the Lord. Using the art form and medium of hip hop music, Russill, along with the rest of the Kingdom Music family has been set apart and called to reach the voice of this generation; the hip hop culture.

Adopted as a newborn and being raised in a pastors home allowed Russill to come into relationship with the Father at a very young age. Growing up without his birth parents, Russill knows what it is like to be broken and made whole again through the saving grace of God.

It wasn't until his teenage years that Russill discovered the gift he held in the art of freestyle rapping. In 2002, by divine destiny, Russill met two-time Grammy and Juno Award Nominee Rob Fresh I.E. Wilson. From that point on, the rest is history.

New Label
Russill signed onboard with Kingdom Music Inc. (KMI), guest appearing on two tracks from KMIs "Kingdom Building Volume 1" compilation (2006), and he is preparing for the release of his debut full-length album entitled "1st Entry" (KMI/Avante Records).

Release:1st Entry
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Kingdom Music Group
Info:The album is scheduled for release in January 2007.
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