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Kingdom Music Group

Info:Kingdom Music Group or Kingdom Music Inc is founded in October 2006 by Fresh IE from Canada. The label should not be mistaken for Kingdom Music of rapper Jah Word.

Kingdom Music Group is distributed by Fontana North/Universal.

Kingdom Music's Mission Statement: To reach music lovers with music that will not only entertain them, but will also feed their spirits and empower their lives, so they can use their abilities and gifts to spread love in a world defused with messages of hate, violence and confusion by using Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B and Reggae.

Fresh I.E. - Founder, President and CEO of Kingdom Music, Rob "Fresh I.E." Wilson from Canada has made industry headlines with an extensive list of musical accolades including Grammy Nominations for his solo releases Red Letterz (2003) and Truth Is Fallin' In The Streetz (2005).

Other artists of the label are:
- Tru-Serva: executive team member
- Jah-Soul
- Kaboose
- RationaL
- Lil' Disciples: Kross & Kulture
- Russill the Journalist
- SupaMan: producer and member of 'Rezawrecktion'
- Evan Lee

First projects
The first projects of the new label are:
- Russill the Journalist: 1st Entry
- Rational: The World Is Not Enough (EP)
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
1st Entry Russ-ILL the Journalist - 1st Entry
The World Is Not Enough (EP) RationaL - The World Is Not Enough (EP)
The Future Is Now Lil Disciples - The Future Is Now
LockJaw Fresh IE - LockJaw

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