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Brentwood Music

Info:The label of Stephen Wiley, the first holy hip hop artist. Brentwood Music therefore is one of the first record companies to invest in the release of more than one hip hop album. The label is well known for their "Brentwood kids" series, "evergreen" compilation series and the Brentwood Jazz CD's. The published music can be labeled as muzak or easy listening. The Brentwood-Benson company now is specialised in musicals and choral music.
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Hip Hop Hymns For Kids Brentwood Kids - Hip Hop Hymns For Kids
Hallelujah Hop Brentwood Kids - Hallelujah Hop
Rappin' For Jesus Stephen Wiley - Rappin' For Jesus
Rap It Up Stephen Wiley - Rap It Up
Bible Break Stephen Wiley - Bible Break

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