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Yuinon Records

Yuinon Records
Jason "Maji" Wilson is the founder and CEO of Yuinon Records. A former member of the successful rap group Kaos & Mystro.

Vice President
Shannon Gaston is the Vice President of Yuinon Records. A graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit, Shannon provides input that keeps the label and its artists moving towards their respective goals and vision. A hip-hop cultural analyst, Shannon produced Next Level, a documentary on the emergence of Christian hip-hop.

Operations Manager
Nicole Wilson is the Manager of Business Operations for Yuinon Records. In this role she handles the day to day tasks regarding artists, label releases, booking, and special events. She also is responsible for all marketing and promotion efforts as well as distribution agreements. Nicole received her undergraduate degree from The University of Michigan and her MBA from The University of Phoenix.

Compilation series
The label released the first volume of the compilation "Genocide : The Deliberate and Systematic Destruction of the Hip Hop Generation" in 2005. The album pays attention to the high homicide rate among African-American males in the age of 18-35. The label states, during the release of volume 2 "The Sequel" in 2007: "Hip-hop continues to justify itself by providing the genocidal soundtrack. This powerful CD was created to remind Christians of what their lives were like before Christ (Eph 2:11-12), and to awaken those who are not saved."
P.O. Box 23681
Zipcode:MI 4822
Country:United States
Phone:+ 248-566-4441
Fax:+ 248-286-6707
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Obedient Dirt Mixtape Series Volume 1 : The Gathering [featuring Mahogany Jones] Mahogany Jones - Obedient Dirt Mixtape Series Volume 1 : The Gathering [featuring Mahogany Jones]
Restoration process AON - Restoration process
The Yuinon : The Prequel (EP) Various Artists - The Yuinon : The Prequel (EP)
HER project Yuinon - HER project
Morphed Mahogany Jones - Morphed

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