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Prophetic Poetic

Prophetic Poetic
Info:The label is founded by Cyril Guerette a.k.a. ILL Seer and his wife Maegan (visual arts) their goal is to provide innovative artistic creations in all available media that bring honour to the Creator through Jesus the Christ.

Prophetic Poetic is a positive hip-hop label based out of Ontario, Canada. Created by ILL Seer the label has added The Runaway and Youngdo to it's management.

Also check www.myspace.com/propheticpoetic
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Phosphatidylserine ILL Seer - Phosphatidylserine
Hip Hop Helps : Energy Various Artists - Hip Hop Helps : Energy
Silent Words Silent Words - Silent Words
The Runaway Jam : Live at the Palandrome Runaway, The - The Runaway Jam : Live at the Palandrome

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