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LOR Entertainment

LOR Entertainment
Info:The label is founded by Shael Torres in 2001. LOR stands for Leaders Of The Realness (Revolution Eagerly Approaches Life No Emprisonment Will Shadow Our Success).

Alexisandria Collazo Torres named president of LOR Entertainment in 2006.
Address:P.O Box 2532
Zipcode:Fl 3383
City:Eagle Lake
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
The Reason LOR - The Reason
Back In Bizness (mixtape) LOR - Back In Bizness (mixtape)
The Metamorphiz Elsha - The Metamorphiz
My Reality : The Soundtrack Illyte - My Reality : The Soundtrack
The Life & Ryhmes Of Antavio Johnson Volume 1 (mixtape) Illyte - The Life & Ryhmes Of Antavio Johnson Volume 1 (mixtape)

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