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B4 Entertainment

B4 Entertainment
Info:On September 23rd, 2006 the company B4 Entertainment anounced it's distribution deal with Soul Food Muzic/Universal Music & Video Distribution. This will make international distribution for the label's products possible.

New artists
On October 4th, 2006 it is announced that the label signed rapper G-wizz from Knoxville, Tennessee. This was soon followed up by the news of recording artist/producer Suave' The Messenger from Bent Harbor, Michigan signing to the label (News November 2006).
Address:2238 Reidhurst Drive
Zipcode:TN 3712
Country:United States
Phone:+ 615-217-4711
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Tha Decade G.wizz - Tha Decade
The Awakening Parabols - The Awakening
Unstoppable Ricky B & 4Given - Unstoppable
The darkest days Nick P.E.D.O. - The darkest days
Somethin' U ain't heard B4 Ricky B & 4Given - Somethin' U ain't heard B4

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