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Rugged Cross Recording

Rugged Cross Recording
Info:Rugged Cross Recording started off 18 years ago in the heart and mind of a young man Derrick Hannah, also known as Bro. Derrick.

While the company had no form, vision or location, it's reality would become evident once that young man became a man. While growing up, the company while still in the heart of this young man, started off in basements of friends who were willing to open up their equipment to a lad eager to hone his skills.

Through later years of growing up, getting married, acquiring a home and musical equipment, a company name was formed under a secular genre for promoting secular music. That name was Rugged Brown Recording.

Through this time of musical endeavors, the call to return to the work of the Lord weighed heavy on the young man's heart. After a long search within himself of what small things he was giving up in the secular world and what great things he would reap in the service of the Lord, the company name was changed as well as in the young man's heart to Rugged Cross Recording.

The word Rugged in the company name signifies the style of delivery of the music and lyrics. A format that can penetrate the hardest of hearts, a style that can with stand the toughest of criticism and continue the flow of ministry that the Lord has called it to be.
The word Cross in the company name signifies the cross that all under the company umbrella are personally taking up to reach those that are lost, take them to the cross to receive Christ for themselves, take them through the cross to receive revelation of what Christ has done for them and what they now can do with Christ working in them, and taking up their own cross to lead others to Christ.
The word Recording simply states that which the company does, record music that glorifies our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Romans 11:29 says that the gifts and callings of God are without repentance.

Rugged Cross Recording was created; not only to release their own work, but as an outlet for other artists with the same calling to evangelize the world through music.

Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every living creature... Mark 16:15

Music of the label is featured on the Fly Away Records' compilation "Raw & Unkut" (2007).
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Street Gospel Bigg Moose - Street Gospel
Street Ministry Fully Loaded - Street Ministry
The Prefix Bigg Moose - The Prefix
Street Ministry 2 Fully Loaded - Street Ministry 2

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