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12 Strings

12 Strings
Info:12 Strings is a fully operational Faith Based Urban development and Out Reach Organization. Our vision is to declare the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the nation by means of proclamation, media, video, music and entertainment.

To reach this generation with the gospel, by infiltrating the music & entertainment industry with a message of hope, love and respect. Our goal is to effectively promote the gospel to this MTV & BET generation. 12 Strings is “Changing the Face of Entertainment”.

Slogan “Just Drink”
We believe that every person is thirsty for something so they drink from different ponds in hopes that one day their thirst will be quenched. Our motto is once you drink from this river you will never thirst again.

12 Strings operates as a Parent label for Independent labels. We handle all recording, production, artist management, and booking administration. Our specialties are recording and producing hot music from start to finish.

Our staff consists of producers, engineers, song writers and musicians that can bring an average project to life. We can take it from gold to platinum. With a state of the art recording facility, the 12 Strings staff makes quality music that urpasses industry standard. We not only offer music production, we have the capability to offer quality photography and CD design through our graphics and arts company “Eternal Works”.

As it stands, 12 Strings’ Independent labels are as follows: “Levite Music”,“Hoshama”, and “Gutta Most” Records. The target market and age group that we are trying to reach are those from 3 to 45 years of age, urban youth and young adults, as well as young families.

The company 12 Strings came about 2 years ago. It was birthed from the president of Levite Music who is now the CEO of 12 Strings, Moses David Jr. The 12 Strings concept, came from the many struggles and pain that Moses David had to face during his journey, while building his first record company “Levite Music”. Being an artist, as well as the producer, engineer and president of his company, the main thing Moses can remember is he wishes he had someone who could help him with up front costs and studio time so he could be more productive with his music, and serve his artists more consistently. As soon as doors began to open for “Levite Music”, and it became more established and sufficient, he then began to put together a plan to help other labels get started with their companies and give them the support he wish he had in the beginning. Through long strategic planning, 12 Strings was conceived. This is why 12 Strings exists.

The label has the following artist roster (7/2007):
- Armageddon (hip hop)
- C-LO (praise)
- Chambaz (hip hop)
- JaeLy (praise)
- Raiderz of the Lost (hip hop)
- Snow Man (hip hop)
- Unison (dance/drama)
- Zeke (praise)
Address:836 Regency Drive
Zipcode:VA 2345
City:Virginia Beach
Country:United States
Phone:+ (757) 667-8641
Fax:+ (757) 428-9081
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
The Music Makers Raiderz Of The Lost - The Music Makers
Underground Railroad V2 Various Artists - Underground Railroad V2
Unda' Ground Railroad : Volume 1 Various Artists - Unda' Ground Railroad : Volume 1

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