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Abundant Harvest Entertainment Inc.

Info:Abundant Harvest Entertainment is the recordlabel of Abundant Harvest Fellowship of Churches, an international fellowship with more than 175 churches in the United States, Africa, and India.

First Hip Hop Artist
Christawn is the first rapper on this label. Abundant Harvest Entertainment is known for it's album "Healed Without Scars" by (Bishop) David G. Evans. In 2005, Evans released the critically-acclaimed book, Healed Without Scars. Selling over 400,000 copies and making him the best-selling author in Whitaker House history, Healed Without Scars is a dynamic and practical book for those experiencing pain, loss, rejection and brokenness. Taking the lessons he’s learned from his own life, Evans provides encouragement and deliverance through the pages of the revelatory and deeply intimate writing. Abundant Harvest Entertainment, the church’s record label followed up the book with a CD and DVD of the same name with songs of healing and wholeness.

Sources: MySpace blog: Christawn 2nd Album, June 24th, 2008 ; Myspace.com/bishopdavidgevans1.
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Life Story Christawn - Life Story

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