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Country:United States
Releases:[Life Story] [The Medicine]
Info:Christawn is from New Jersey. The MC is often compared to mainstream artist Nas because of his voice and wordplay, but make no mistake, Christawn stands on his own two feet to deliver original and content filled music.

Christawn shares his personal experiences of street life and his salvation from that life-style.

The rapper was the first artist to be officially announced as signed to the new label End of Earth Records of Treyqel on May 6th, 2007.

Debut Album
Christawn released his first solo album called "The Medicine" on End of Earth Records in 2007.

New project
The rapper started working on a new album in June 2008 entitled "Life Story". This record will come out on Abundant Harvest Entertainment. This is the recordlabel of Abundant Harvest Fellowship of Churches. Christawn is the first rapper on this label. The album will be distributed by Universal.

Sources: MySpace blog: Christawn 2nd Album, June 24th, 2008.

Release:Life Story
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Abundant Harvest Entertainment Inc.
Info:The album is scheduled for release in the Summer of 2009.
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Release:The Medicine
The Medicine
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:End Of Earth Records
Info:The album is released on October 1st, 2007.
Production by Tony Stone, Nickels, William O., The Jersey Boys, Beatmiserz, Delvega of Wundamindz Prod., Brian Jones, and C. Money.

1. Raise Up
2. Thug Calm Down - featuring Delvega
3. Deck of Cards
4. The Medicine
5. Real Love - featuring Delvega
6. Gangsta
7. Story To Tell
8. Spin the Record
9. Dream - featuring Brooke Womack
10. Celebrate Life - featuring Brooke Womack
11. Been Robbed - featuring Lo-Key & J Griff
12. Goin Crazy - featuring Delvega
13. Time Flys
14. The Game
15. Just Me - featuring Eye’Rene
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