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Gangsta rap

Additional info:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gangsta_rap
Releases:A few random releases with this style..
Tears of a gangsta Preachas in tha Hood - Tears of a gangsta
What It Means To Die Young Pro - What It Means To Die
Gangstaz Pain Preachas in tha Hood - Gangstaz Pain
Gang affiliated Gospel Gangstas - Gang affiliated
Life Sentence Preachas in tha Hood - Life Sentence
Father Forgive Me Sevin - Father Forgive Me
Nothin Can Fade Me (single) Preachas in tha Hood - Nothin Can Fade Me (single)
Gangsta Hits Preachas in tha Hood - Gangsta Hits
Do or die Gospel Gangstas - Do or die
Resurrected Gangstaz God'z Original Gangstas - Resurrected Gangstaz
God Side Gangsta'z Preachas in tha Hood - God Side Gangsta'z

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