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general-dusk has the following albums:

(25 releases)

[A-1 S.W.I.F.T. - Tales from the Swift]
[D.C.P. - The Last Saint]
[God'z Original Gangstas - Resurrected Gangstaz]
[God'z Original Gangstas - Tha G Filez]
[God'z Original Gangstas - True 2 tha Game]
[Gospel Gangstas - Do or die]
[Gospel Gangstas - Gang affiliated]
[King Shon & The S.S.M.O.B. - Born Again Rebel From A Gangsta Level]
[King Shon & The S.S.M.O.B. - Papa didn't raize no punkz]
[L.G. Wise - Greatest hits]
[Lil Raskull - Certified Southern Hits]
[Lil Raskull - Controverse All Star]
[Lil Raskull - Gory 2 Glory]
[Lil Raskull - The Streets Are White]
[Prime Minister - Prime Time]
[Rubadub - Mind of a Gangster]
[Rubadub - Reflections Of An Ex-Criminal]
[Str8 Young Gangstaz 4 Christ - Steady Bangin']
[Str8 Young Gangstaz 4 Christ - Tha movement]
[T-Bone - The Boneyard Box Set]
[True II Society - Bow down]
[Various Artists - Grapetree Greatest Hits : Volume 1]
[Various Artists - Grapetree Greatest Hits : Volume 2]
[Various Artists - Heaven's Hip Hop compilation Volume 1 : Strictly Gangsta Style]
[Various Artists - Heaven's Hip Hop Compilation Volume 3 : Ghetto Drama]

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