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Sackcloth Fashion - Something For Everyone To Hate

Release:Something For Everyone To Hate
Something For Everyone To Hate
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Syntax Records
Info:All songs written, performed, produced and arranged by Sackcloth Fashioned Sound (ASCAP)
Except for "It's just Me" produced by Profound of The Unction.
Recorded and Mixed at The Sackcloth Fashioned Studio, The Upper Room, Turnberry Manor and Golden Tracks Studios.
Ahmad & Senaj appear courtesy of Look Alive Records / 4th Avenue Jones'.
Dirt and 7Lock appear courtesy of Rescue Records / Shadow of The Locust
Scottii appears courtesy of Rescue Records.
bTwice appears courtesy of Jackson Rubio Recordings / Brainwash Projects.
E-Roc appears courtesy of Grapetree Records.
Playdough appears courtesy of lllharmonics.
Greg McKinney appears courtesy of Topic Records.
DJ Hot Rod on "Why" and DJ Sheba on "Verbal Eyes".
CD Design and Layout by Tim "sirROC" Trudeau and Steve "Alpenglow" Schieberl of Eastwind Design (www.ewdg.com).

1. Dang
2. Pulling a Fast One - featuring Scottii
3. Subconsciously - featuring Dirt
4. Two Chords
5. Victory Guaranteed - featuring Prophetics
6. Spoon Fed Gospel
7. Liquid Demon
8. Family Ties
9. Why
10. We've Only Just Begun
11. Sibling Rivalry
12. Verbal Eyes - featuring PlayDough the Fat Sag Windbag
13. Dead Men's Bones
14. It's Just Me - featuring Dirt
15. Rising Sons (WorldBeatMix) - featuring E-Roc
16. The Guest List - featuring 7lock, bTwice, Prophetics, Senaj, Miss Moses, Playdougha and Ahmad.
17. Roll Back the Stars
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Original author/source
Review:Rising out of San Diego comes this multi-faceted and ambitious crew, who present the Gospel drenched in hip-hop culture.

As reflected in their name, the 12-member crew takes on the figurative mantle of sackcloth,Sackcloth Fashion CD inspired by Old Testament references in which ashes and sackcloth were worn by those in mourning, to outwardly demonstrate to God and to man their inward state. Sackcloth Fashion takes this expression of humility and applies it to the condition of their collective hearts (“Rend your heart, not your garments…Joel 2:12,13), declaring themselves to be in mourning for the lost (i.e. those without Jesus Christ).

They state that the bizarre title of the album, Something For Everyone To Hate, was chosen to humbly suggest that, with the buffet of hip-hop sounds offered on the disc, not all tracks will appeal to everyone.

Indeed, the diversity on the 16-track project (all within the realm of hip-hop) is evident. East coast, West coast, freestyle and more, this crew is not one-dimensional in skills. Standouts are the fast-paced “Liquid Demon”, which is written from the perspective of alcohol, and “Verbal Eyes”, which features guest EmCee Playdough (from Illharmonics) on an East coast vibe. “Pulling A Fast One” takes itself literally, with rhyme by Mista Tru and Absolute1 at a rate of 115 beats per minute (BPM) throughout the entire cut.

Although Sackcloth Fashion members Mista Tru, Sir Rocdomz and BassSickLee are evident through much of the album, guest artists are rife, including Grapetree artist E-Roc on “Rising Sons”, and Dirt on “Subconsciously” and “It’s Just Me”. The Sackcloth Fashion crewThe track titled “The Guest List” tosses in cameos from underground holy hip-hop luminaries such as Btwice, Senaj, Miss Moses, The Prophetics, Ahmad and more. And word is that that when the album is later released to the mainstream market, the cut will be remixed to include an appearance from Tonéx.

Be warned, however. This is not an album for those who like a little hip-hop flava mixed into their ‘rhythm ‘n praise’ Gospel diet. No, this is for those who desire a full hip-hop immersion; pure and unadultered Gospel presented as a hip-hop feast all the way to the last morsel.

If that whets your appetite, then with fresh and innovative rhymes and a grab-bag of beats to boot, you won’t go wrong with Sackcloth Fashion.
source: GospelFlava.com, added: May 14, 2006

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