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Sackcloth Fashion

Sackcloth Fashion
Country:United States
Releases:[The Lone Flower] [Something For Everyone To Hate] [Rising Sons (single)] [We've only just begun!]
Info:Sackcloth Fashion are Steve Trudeau, Tim Trudeau, Kaitlyn Cassels, Byron Musser and Brandon Musser.

The brothers Trudeau are known for their production work and their "Quality Junk" label Syntax Records. Tim Trudeau is known as sirROCDOMZ and Steve Trudeau as MaxOne.

The awards ceremony All Eyes On Me (AEOM) celebrated the best in positive hip hop in Houston, Texas on June 20th and 21st, 2008. The AEOM Awards nominated Sackcloth Fashion in the category "Pioneer Classic Groups".

The first album "Something for everyone to hate" is still well sought after by hip hop fans. The album also features Luke Geraty and seems co-released by Rescue Records . The second album "The lone flower" did not have the same luck, since it's release got hampered by the bankruptcy of Butterfly-Diamante Distribution.

Release:The Lone Flower
The Lone Flower
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Syntax Records
Info:All songs written, arranged, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Sackcloth Fashion at Syntax Studios, California.
Additional vocals on "The Lone Flower" performed by Sam Hart, Sam Hart appears courtesy of Syntax Records.
Additional vocal arrangement and performance on "Take My Sin" by Tonex. Tonéx appears courtesy of Jive Records.
Additional guitar arrangement and performance on "Leaning" by Marcos Curiel formerly of POD Marcos Curiel appears courtesy of Atlantic Records.
Scratching on Summit of Angels, Infectious, Take My Sin, Grains of Sand by DJ TreyQel.
Art Direction: Sackcloth Fashion.
Project Coördinator: Sackcloth Fashion.
Cover Photography by Steve Schieberl.
Design and Layout by Johnny Dean Hanshew. Photography by Shannon White for Shannondon Photo Arts.
Spiritual Leadership by Gary Musser [SeniorPastor, JCC] and Danny Long [Director of Youth Ministries, JCC].

1. The lone Flower
2. Strange Chemistry
3. Direction
4. Touch the Sky
5. Summit of Angels
6. Infectious
7. Open Road
8. Ride On
9. Something Else
10. Take my Sin - featuring Tonex
11. Give
12. Brain Freeze
13. Cowboy
14. Smile in the Dark
15. What Is
16. Leaning - featuring Marcos Curiel from POD
17. Grains of Sand
18. I Sigh
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Release:Something For Everyone To Hate
Something For Everyone To Hate
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Syntax Records
Info:All songs written, performed, produced and arranged by Sackcloth Fashioned Sound (ASCAP)
Except for "It's just Me" produced by Profound of The Unction.
Recorded and Mixed at The Sackcloth Fashioned Studio, The Upper Room, Turnberry Manor and Golden Tracks Studios.
Ahmad & Senaj appear courtesy of Look Alive Records / 4th Avenue Jones'.
Dirt and 7Lock appear courtesy of Rescue Records / Shadow of The Locust
Scottii appears courtesy of Rescue Records.
bTwice appears courtesy of Jackson Rubio Recordings / Brainwash Projects.
E-Roc appears courtesy of Grapetree Records.
Playdough appears courtesy of lllharmonics.
Greg McKinney appears courtesy of Topic Records.
DJ Hot Rod on "Why" and DJ Sheba on "Verbal Eyes".
CD Design and Layout by Tim "sirROC" Trudeau and Steve "Alpenglow" Schieberl of Eastwind Design (www.ewdg.com).

1. Dang
2. Pulling a Fast One - featuring Scottii
3. Subconsciously - featuring Dirt
4. Two Chords
5. Victory Guaranteed - featuring Prophetics
6. Spoon Fed Gospel
7. Liquid Demon
8. Family Ties
9. Why
10. We've Only Just Begun
11. Sibling Rivalry
12. Verbal Eyes - featuring PlayDough the Fat Sag Windbag
13. Dead Men's Bones
14. It's Just Me - featuring Dirt
15. Rising Sons (WorldBeatMix) - featuring E-Roc
16. The Guest List - featuring 7lock, bTwice, Prophetics, Senaj, Miss Moses, Playdougha and Ahmad.
17. Roll Back the Stars
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Release:Rising Sons (single)
Rising Sons (single)
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Media:[7/12inch Vinyl]
Recordlabel:Syntax Records
Info:Side 1:
1. Rising sons - featuring E-Roc & Man of War
2. Rising sons - instrumental
3. Rising sons - acapella
4. Jungle
5. We've only just begun

Side 2:
1. Liquid demon
2. Liquid demon - instrumental
3. Liquid demon - acapella
4. Junkhole
5. Dead men's bones - featuring Tenace
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Release:We've only just begun!
We've only just begun!
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Sackcloth Fashioned Music Group
Info:This limited edition EP was only available at Cornerstone Festival in 1997 and sold out.

1. Roc & Roll
2. Verbal Eyes
3. Jungle
4. Dead Mens Bones
5. Liquid Demon
6. We've Only Just Begun
7. Verbal Guys
8. Junkhole
9. Dead Mens Bones (California Calypso Mix)
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