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Sackcloth Fashion - The Lone Flower

Release:The Lone Flower
The Lone Flower
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Syntax Records
Info:All songs written, arranged, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Sackcloth Fashion at Syntax Studios, California.
Additional vocals on "The Lone Flower" performed by Sam Hart, Sam Hart appears courtesy of Syntax Records.
Additional vocal arrangement and performance on "Take My Sin" by Tonex. Tonéx appears courtesy of Jive Records.
Additional guitar arrangement and performance on "Leaning" by Marcos Curiel formerly of POD Marcos Curiel appears courtesy of Atlantic Records.
Scratching on Summit of Angels, Infectious, Take My Sin, Grains of Sand by DJ TreyQel.
Art Direction: Sackcloth Fashion.
Project Coördinator: Sackcloth Fashion.
Cover Photography by Steve Schieberl.
Design and Layout by Johnny Dean Hanshew. Photography by Shannon White for Shannondon Photo Arts.
Spiritual Leadership by Gary Musser [SeniorPastor, JCC] and Danny Long [Director of Youth Ministries, JCC].

1. The lone Flower
2. Strange Chemistry
3. Direction
4. Touch the Sky
5. Summit of Angels
6. Infectious
7. Open Road
8. Ride On
9. Something Else
10. Take my Sin - featuring Tonex
11. Give
12. Brain Freeze
13. Cowboy
14. Smile in the Dark
15. What Is
16. Leaning - featuring Marcos Curiel from POD
17. Grains of Sand
18. I Sigh
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Original author/source
Review:overall its pretty good. but one thing that really botheres me is in "ride on" they say when a jehova witness comes we open tha door an let em in" NOT GOOD!!! u know that the Bible sais to not even bid them "God-speed" or we take part in there evil deeds . u gotta be so carefull. now i dont know if these guys were taking that lightly or not but thats a real eminent potential stumbling block for a newbie that cant even yet fully discern a jehovah witneess from a true Christian. if it werent fo that this wouldve been 100%
source: subtle warning, added: May 05, 2008

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