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DJ Promote

DJ Promote
Country:United States
Releases:[Wages of Syntax : Volume 2] [Stick It In Your Ear Mixtape]
Info:DJ Promote is from Texas.

The DJ has toured with Verbs (Knowdaverbs) and Man of War. He also performed alongside DiRT (Shadow of the Locust).

The DJ has featured on the albums:
- Night Owls 3 : The Chiropractor's Goldmine (2007)
- Night Owls 4 : A Shot In The Dark (2008)

He released his "Stick It In Your Ear Mixtape" (2007) and did the mixtape Man Of War & DJ Promote "Southwest Mextape Volume 1" in 2006.

DJ Promote mixed the follow up of the 2003 compilation "The wages of Syntax". The album "The wages of Syntax 2" will be released in 2008.

Release:Wages of Syntax : Volume 2
Wages of Syntax : Volume 2
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Syntax Records
Info:The album is released on November 24th, 2008.

1. Goin' Outta Control - Kaboose featuring Royce Da 5'9Ē
2. The IV - Braille featuring Rob Swift
3. Hawthorneís Most Wanted - RedCloud featuring Kurupt & Tonex
4. Universal - LA Symphony featuring Posdnuous of De La Soul
5. Knuckle Up (Experiment X Remix) - Kaboose featuring Shane Newville, Manchild, & Playdough (exclusive)
6. I Sigh - Sackcloth Fashion
7. Pandemonium - Luke Geraty featuring Pigeon John
8. Traveling Circus - RedCloud featuring Sam Hart
9. First of All (Lolly Pops Remix) - Sivion, Jeremiah Bonds, Soul P. (exclusive)
10. Heart - Othello featuring Destro of Boom Bap Projects
11. Samurai Showdown (Double Dose Remix) - Shane Newville featuring Braille (exclusive)
12. Side By Side - Def Shepard
13. Guns & Roses (Rising Sonís Remix) - RedCloud featuring Jayo Felony & Tonex (exclusive)
14. Hidden In The Bushes - Freddie Bruno & k-Drama
15. Blessed Man - Braille
16. For You (Blessed Man Remix) - Kaboose featuring Braille & Christin Hart (exclusive)
17. Seasonís Greetings - Othello featuring Sirenís Echo
18. Donít Wear It Out (Journey Through My Mind Remix) - RedCloud featuring Grits (exclusive)
19. Follow Me Now - Kaboose
20. Move On - Man of War
21. Boombox Saints (Waterworld Remix) - RedCloud (exclusive)
22. Technique - Def Shepard
23. Thank You and Good Night - DJ Promote
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Release:Stick It In Your Ear Mixtape
Stick It In Your Ear Mixtape
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The mixtape is released in May 2007.
The record was previously released under the name "The Super Ultimate Worship Mix".

1. Intro
2. Like a feather remix - Nikka Costa
3. Born to masta - Masta Ace
4. Drop it - Nemesis
5. I knew I could - Nas
6. Sean Slaughter vs. Tribe Called Quest
7. Fly down - Nas & Regina Spektor
8. Bridge remix - Cross Movement
9. Intergalactic remix - Beastie Boys & RedCloud
10. Freaks freaks - Pigeon John
11. Dance like - LA Symphony
12. King of bottom - Mr. J. Medeiros featuring DJ Vajra
13. Cut to pieces (interlude)
14. It's c.r.e.a.m. break
15. Kaboose and Icece freestyle
16. Don't refuse Hank (interlude) - Hank Williams
17. Silhouette - Othello featuring D. Minor
18. Constance - mr. J. Medeiros
19. I am not them - Propaganda
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