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Country:United States
Releases:[Cali quake] [Cali Quake (single)]
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Info:Raphi is part of the Tunnel Rats crew. In 2002 he released his solo album called Cali Quake on Uprok Records.

The MC also made a guest appearance on KRS-One's album Life (2006) on the track Gimmie Da Gun.

Raphi is also part of the crew Footsoldiers, together with the Tunnelrat producer Dert, Macho, and Propaganda. They released their album "Live This" through Antagonist Records on October 31st, 2006. The Footsoldiers project consists of christians and non-christians.

Release:Cali quake
Cali quake
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Recordlabel:Uprok Records
Info:Guest appearances by Dax, Robert Hernandez, Macho, Wordsworth and Zane. Production by Dert.

1. Intro
2. Connect
3. Welcome
4. Then and now
5. Interlude
6. It goes down
7. Roolin' with the punches
8. Foolin'
9. Stop-look-listen
10. Heatwave
11. The right way
12. Life surprises
13. Anytime anywhere
14. Street chronicles
15. Beat battle
16. Let go
17. Wiggle
18. Interlude
19. Better
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Release:Cali Quake (single)
Cali Quake (single)
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Media:[7/12inch Vinyl]
Recordlabel:Uprok Records
Info:Vinyl 12 inch record.

Side 1
1. Connect
2. Then & Now
3. Street Chronicles

Side 2
1. It Goes Down - featuring Wordsworth
2. It Goes Down - instrumental
3. Connect - instrumental
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