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Sup the Chemist

Sup the Chemist
Aliases:This artist is (or was) also known as: [Soup The Chemist] [Super C]
Country:United States
Releases:[Eargasmic arrangements] [Dust] [Raider of the lost art (EP)] [Mulligan Stew (single)]
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Info:Chris Cooper is Sup the Chemist, a veteran MC, who started out in SFC as Super C. SFC was a famous crew during the nineteen nineties and one of the early pioneers.

Guest Appearances
He can be heard on these albums and compilations:
- DJ Dove - The Devil's Worst Nightmare (1996)
- Flynn Adam Atkins - Night after Night (single) (1998)
- DJ Rhino - I've Been Waitin' (1999)
- Fashion Expo - Round One : Tru Hip-Hop (2000)
- DJ Maj - Full Plates (2001)
- Peace 586 - 586 (2001)
- Sharlok Poems - Left (2002)
- E-Roc - Greatest hits (2003)
- Peace 586 - Generations (2003)
- Pigeon John - Featuring Pigeon John (2003)
- Night owls 2 : sleep therapy (2003)
- DJ CreOne - Underheard Mixtape (2004)

He has done production work for:
- Freedom of Soul - Caught in a land of time (1991)
- LA Symphony - Disappear Here (2005)

Solo Recording
He releases his first solo recording under his own name "Raiders of the Lost Art" (EP) in 1998. The EP mentions the forthcoming album titled "No me se el titulo". But he releases the album "Dust" in 2000 on the Uprok Records label.

Last Album
After that Sup, then spelled Soup goes independent again and releases "Eargasmic Arrangements" in 2003 on his own label Beesyde Records. This album will be his last record as a solo artist. Soup still continues to be active in the Holyhiphop industry be it in the background.

Unreleased Tracks
The MC released an unreleased track on his MySpace site on August 23rd, 2007: Idiomatic Expressions.
Photo of Sup the Chemist, then Super C during his SFC days.

On February 28th, 2008 it is announced Soup the Chemist and Illect Recordings will team up to re-release "Eargasmic Arrangements" (2003) with extra bonus material.

Release:Eargasmic arrangements
Eargasmic arrangements
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Recordlabel:Beesyde Records
Info:Production by Soup The Chemist. Executive production by JClassics. Spelling of Sup's name changes to Soup the Chemist. It's his final album as a solo artist.

1. All over the world - featuring Don Donna
2. Turntablist - featuring DJ GAbe Real, DJ Kid Dragon
3. Ego trippin - featuring Murs and Shake
4. Starving artist
5. Word play - featuring Aloe Blacc and Sojourn the Transient Misfit
6. C.A. (remix) - - featuring Dr. Oop and Joey the Jerk.
7. Happy dayz - featuring Express and Sharlok Poems
8. Loving you - featuring Cookbook
9. Expressions
10. Eargasmic arrangements
11. Can't cool - featuring J-Luv
12. Reaching - featuring Pigeon John
Special - featuring
14. Soul music - featuring Sharlok Poems and Manchild of Mars ILL
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Uprok Records
Info:Recorded and mixed by Gene Eugene and Sup the Chemist.

Production by
- Sup the Chemist : 1, 3, 6, 8, 9, 13, 16
- Clasic : 2, 12, 14
- Gene Eugene & Sup the Chemist : 4
- Kennard Morris : 7
- Gene Eugene, Sup the Chemist, & Max : 10
- Max : 11
- Blest One : 15
- Vic : 17
- Gene Eugene : 18

1. The return of
2. Language of imagination
3. My shot
4. Gaiety
5. Interlude
6. Fresh coast - featuring Ahmad
7. Photographs - featuring SP
8. How do you like your hip-hop?
9. Art
10. Walls
11. As the sun rises - featuring Jon Gibson
12. Zone - featuring Elevated
13. Top ramen nites
14. Sup the Chemist
15. Venality - featuring Joey L. and bTwice
16. I-15 worth (L.V. here I come)
17. Here - featuring DJ Melo-D of the world famous Beat Junkies
18. Is this a dream? - featuring Project86
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Release:Raider of the lost art (EP)
Raider of the lost art (EP)
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Recordlabel:Beesyde Records
Info:Production by bTwice, Sup and Vic Everett. Executive production by Paul Furious Cooper, Chris Cooper (Sup) and James Timony.

1. The raider's victory beat (subcheck)
2. Mulligan stew
3. Top ramen nites
4. Here
5. State of mine
6. Mulligan stew - a reagent mix
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Release:Mulligan Stew (single)
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Media:[7/12inch Vinyl]
Recordlabel:Beesyde Records
Info:The vinyl 12 inch record is released in 1998.

Side 1
1. Mulligan Stew
2. Top Ramen Nites
3. Here
4. State of mine

Side 2
1. Mulligan Stew - instrumental
2. Top Ramen Nites - instrumental
3. Here - instrumental
4. State of mine - instrumental
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