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Ajax Starglider

Ajax Starglider
Country:United States
Releases:[Nobodies from America in Cameroon (documentary)] [Middle Class Artisan] [Middle Class Broadcast] [Audio Odyssey EP]
Info:Ajax’s music career began when his brother Ahred came to him in September of 1992 and said ”, I am tired of the current state of music, Let’s start a group together”. His reply was ,” O.K.” That simple yet purposeful statement was the humble beginning of Future Shock. The crew would be part of the Tunnel Rats during their famous Experience album (1996). And finally would become a household name with their album The art of Xenos : entertaining aliens (2000).

Since he started with his brother making quality hip hop, Ajax has been a driven workhorse. A definitive creative mind, his work can be seen and heard anywhere you come into contact with a Future Shock product. A certified engineer, producer, and lyricist, Ajax's list of credits runs long. The MC currently resides in Spokane, Washington.

In 1993 first producing on SFC's final album Illumination, which was released in 1994. He has produced his own compilation Unified Revolution (1998), his own solo project Audio Odyssey, including production and engineering, guest appearances on Stu Dent and Solseekers projects, and Future Shock's The Art of Xenos album.

Ajax’s creativity also stretches into the realm of film and video. As a a self-taught video editor/producer of 2 and a half years Ajax just recently started his own production company. He has worked from a color correctionist on film to audio technician for commercials. He is currently working on producing and directing music videos and editing commercials and informercials that will be aired on The Home and Garden Channel, ESPN, etc.

On September 30th, 2006 he released the first of three episodes in the series titled "He's From Somewhere Else". These short documentaries were made to promote his new album Middle Class Artisan (2007). Ajax plays the "homeless director".

Ajax filmed his trip to Cameroon with fellow artists Propaganda and Ahred. The documentary titled "Nobodies from America in Cameroon" will premiere in 2009. The film is shot in High-Definition (HD) resolution and will be released through Moxey Creative. A company Ajax created with two other business partners.

His latest solo projects are "Middle Class Broadcast" (2007) and "Middle Class Artisan" (2008) released on ILLECT Recordings.

Release:Nobodies from America in Cameroon (documentary)
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Recordlabel:Moxey Creative
Info:The documentary will premiere in 2009.

Hip hop artists, Ajax Starglider, Propaganda, and Ahred StrangeIndeed, toured the African nation of Cameroon from April 26th - May 5th, 2008 directly after the food riots and taxi strike where at least 7 people were killed during the unrest.

Ajax, Propaganda, and Ahred StrangeIndeed did more then just perform, they also participated in Medical Clinics to pygmie villages and rocked a show in one of the worst prisons in the world - Douala Central Prison (New Bell).

Douala Central Prison
The New Bell prison in Douala was built in 1933 with a maximum capacity of 800 prisoners, but the prison has not witnessed any major renovation and presently is host to about 3500 inmates.

They were welcomed by the Cameroonians - signing autographs, participating in multiple radio interviews and appearing on several different TV Shows including the popular show - Good Morning Cameroon. They also spent time with local musicians, Green Color and Holocaust, where they recorded new songs about freedom for the Cameroon people from their corrupt government.

Ajax also brought a production crew to document their time there and to explore the cause of the recent food riots, the corruption surrounding their government, the beauty of the people, and the resurgence of real hip hop in Africa through the eyes of three americans.

As Ajax states about the movie: "I hope to achieve more of an awareness about the needs in other countries. Americans often become engulfed in this illusion of excess. Donating money is good, but it doesn't solve the problem. If we start teaching the methodology on how we do things and build schools, art houses, orphanages, etc. and live in the trenches with the less fortunate things will change. The American culture has done a dis-service to other countries by establishing certain boundaries on church and it's culture. We teach American church hymns and translate it into their language using the same melody. We need new melodies and lyrics that could only be born from African culture or whatever culture that is native to it's inhabitants."

If you would like to read more about the trip, please read Propaganda's blogs at: www.myspace.com/propagee

The production Company, Moxey Creative, will be releasing the documentary, Nobodies From America, in Film Festivals in 2009.

Sources: IHT.com/articles: Anti-government rioting spreads in Cameroon / Reuters, February 27th, 2008 ; Allafrica.com/stories: Cameroon: Jail Break At New Bell Prison, Seventeen Shot Dead, June 30, 2008.
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Release:Middle Class Artisan
Middle Class Artisan
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:ILLECT Recordings
Info:The album is released on June 11th, 2008.

1. Join the Minority
2. All Out War
3. Great Depression
4. Nearsighted - featuring Othello
5. Lazarus Man
6. Riverfront Park - featuring Pat Dundas
7. Arthritis
8. Evil Control Freaks
9. Timeclock
10. Somewhere Else
11. Grandma’s Letters - featuring Paul Arivett
12. Awakenings
13. Plum Tuckered - featuring Capture the Elusive
14. Same Difference
15. Homesick - featuring Aaron Arivett
16. Middle Class Artisan
17. Mystery Road
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Release:Middle Class Broadcast
Middle Class Broadcast
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:ILLECT Recordings
Info:The album is released on October 16th, 2007.

Beats by
- Rusty Crates: 1
- Jay the fallguy: 2
- Ajax Starglider for Deep Waters Productions: 3, 4, 7, 10
- Theory Hazit for Prosperous Productions/Theory Hazit Music: 5, 9
- Jay the fallguy : 6
- Nathan Smart & Ajax Starglider : 8

Scratches by
- DJ Cro: 2

Specials Credits
- Doctor narration by Derek Partridge (Derekpartridge.com): 2

Artwork by
- Chris Beiers (illustration)
- Jae Choi (design/lay out)

1. The Fireworks Show
2. Inkblot Test - featuring Locke
3. Days Like This - featuring Future Shock
4. The Regenerates - featuring Beond from Acid Reign
5. Scantrons - featuring Cas Metah & Theory Hazit
6. The Lion and the Rose
7. Sandcastles
8. My Suitcase - featuring JustMe & Sojourn
9. Bi-polaroid - featuring Sintax the Terrific
10. Athenians - featuring Braille, Mouf Warren & Jae Choi
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Release:Audio Odyssey EP
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