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Country:United States
Releases:[Campus Earth] [Manifest Destiny]
Info:Comunalien, pronounced as "common alien", consisted of producer/turntablist Jackson Johnson also known as Nickels and the Master of Ceremony, the late Reuben Antonio Paulson.

The crew recorded a lot of material prior to Paulson's onfortunate death on May 8th, 1998. It was 6 days before he would leave Hawaii and travel back to Seattle for good.

Manifest Destiny
The album "Manifest Destiny" released on Syntax Records in 2001 is a result of their recording efforts.

Nickels would later on join the crew Lojique and is active as a solo artist.

On August 15th, 2007 the label End of Earth announces the release of the album "Campus Earth" for 2007.

Campus Earth
Nickels says about the album: "This record was actually recorded around the same time as Manifest Destiny. We were going to try and make these songs be on it, but we didn't get them recorded in time. So we just kept them for another "lo-fi" version of it. It was originally called "Campus Earth" and "Manifest Destiny" was thought of after Reuben died. So that is why there were references to "Campus Earth" on "Manifest Destiny." One was studio and one was basement. This is the -behind the scenes- album for the Comunalien fans. It's more of an intimate portrayal of Comunalien. Lots more snippits and goofing off. It's real fun, but still packs the same seriousness as Manifest Destiny. A little bit more diversity on the tracks as well, since most of the tracks were created on the fly."

More tracks
As Nickels states: "There are still several songs waiting to be transferred from Adat to Protools for a future release [after the release of Campus Earth, 2007], possibly called "Phillipino Ninja Superstars".

Sources: Tollbooth.org / Zebox.com

Photo: Reuben Antonio Paulson

Release:Campus Earth
Campus Earth
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:End Of Earth Records
Info:The album is scheduled for 2007.

1. A Door in the Air
2. Flower Venom
3. Akoy Hoyt
4. Get to the Emcees
5. Keys
6. Lenny’s Denny’s
7. Thee Protist
8. Palm Olive 8
9. Comunside
10. Bite the Mic
11. Wayside
12. Bottom of the World
13. Not by Sight
14. I Talk to Myself
15. Watching a Cloud Die
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Release:Manifest Destiny
Manifest Destiny
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Syntax Records
Info:Production by Nickels.

1. Masterpiece (Intro)
2. Comunalien
3. I Want to be a Man (Interlude)
4. Fear Year
5. Shroud of Turin
6. Pseudo-Escatology
7. Y 4
8. Webpage- Homepage (Interlude)
9. Godspel
10. Silent Screams 2
11. Shows We've Done
12. Who Alone
13. Mine Eye's
14. Interviewin' Ya (Interlude)
15. You're So Hip Hop
16. Typical
17. Sword Storms (Outro)
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