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Luke Geraty

Luke Geraty
Country:United States
Releases:[It's Cold Out Here] [The Before I Sold Out EP]
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Info:Luke Geraty born in Anchorage, Alaska in 1979 is known from his many guest appearances, before releasing his debut album It's Cold Out Here on Syntax Records in 2003. He now lives with his family in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

He has toured the United States extensively and sold over 25,000 units. Luke also features on the first release of Sackloth Fashion "Something For Everyone To Hate" (1999).

New Album
His next project is "10,000 Things That I Love About You" for A Plus 9 Records.

Release:It's Cold Out Here
It's Cold Out Here
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Syntax Records
Info:1. Burgundy Smile
2. It's Cold Out Here
3. Last Episode of Funk
4. Push Your Lighter Up
5. Burn Down the Bridge
6. Brandon's Folly
7. I Wanna Be a Rock Star
8. Crayons
9. Sunset of Smiles
10. Lack of Erasers
11. Satan's Little Angel
12. Habitually Lacking
13. Gas Station Love
14. A Day in the Life of...
15. Pandemonium - featuring Pigeon John and Red Cloud
16. Dislocated Reality
17. Labor of Love
18. Footprints
19. Whispers
20. Usher in the Spring
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Release:The Before I Sold Out EP
The Before I Sold Out EP
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Syntax Records
Info:1. Intro
2. Drowning In My Dreams
3. Million Miles
4. Listen Up
5. Traveling (Remix)
6. Crayons
7. Success
8. Condescending Comprehension
9. I'll Be Good To You
10. A Day In The Life Of…
11. Outro
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