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M.O.D. (Ministri Of Defence)

M.O.D. (Ministri Of Defence)
Country:United Kingdom
Releases:[Ministri Of Defence] [Ministri of Defence (EP)]
Info:M.O.D. or Ministri Of Defence from London will release their selftitled album on CMR (Cross Movement Records) in 2007.

M.O.D. consists of:
- E.Miner, also known as Stranjah
- Rob Ryme also known as Da Pilgrim

Rob Rhyme - Da Pilgrim
Having lived in Jamaica for several years as a youth, Rob was schooled in the finer points of Reggae music; DJing and sound clashes, feeling the vibe when the selector would draw bass-line with a raw dub plate, and that whole scene.

BMX Bikes
As time progressed Body Popping, became BMX trick riding, became DJing. Aside from the enviable collection of Rare Grooves he was amassing, he began to make a name for himself as a scratch/mix DJ. Hip hop and dance was his forte and after spending many a long night making the people move in the clubs and parties, he was about to make his break on the biggest pirate radio station of the time.

Then he encountered Jesus Christ. His life was totally affected, he gave away his now massive collection of rare grooves and original old skool hip hop cutz and spent the time he would normally use practising his skills, reading his Bible and getting to know God. Having totally walked away from his former life music God brought him full circle years later.

After performing his first rhyme at an outreach in a pub in Peckham, South East London, it was clear that God was gonna use this Pilgrim to communicate Himself thru a most potent art form: Hip hop.

E.miner - Stranjah
Having been brought up in the Church since an infant, he had never really lived an immoral lifestyle. It was early teens and at the point in his life when he began to question the whole Church thing that he remembers being introduced to hip hop.

A tape of Run DMC's 'Sucka MCs', 'Reckless' by Just Ice and a tune called 'Play dat Beat', proved to be the initiation. Even after being immersed in the whole hip-hop culture, da beats and rhymes, graffiti, popping and breaking, he never lost his consciousness of God and in 1986 he surrendered to Jesus Christ.

He has given himself to mining the truths of scripture and God has given him a heart to use those truths to mine out those who are buried deep in sin. Having experienced the emotion and intensity of singing in choirs and groups he knew that music is a powerful means of communicating, but also recognised that such styles are most often foreign to urban culture.

He now reconciles this with his passion for hip-hop as a means of sharing the gospel. As a Stranjah on this planet he recognises the only precious things that can be taken to Heaven are the souls of those saved by grace.

Release:Ministri Of Defence
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Media:[Audio CD]
Info:The album is scheduled for - No releasedate is stated.

1. Sunrise Sunset
2. Revolva
3. Who?
4. Glorified Body (Changed)
5. Rockin' Me
6. Every Nite
7. Gold Band
8. Nitty Gritty
9. All About You
10. El Shaddai
11. Nu Wine
12. God Ain't Playin
13. 1st Luv
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Release:Ministri of Defence (EP)
Ministri of Defence (EP)
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:1. Nu Life
2. Glory Train
3. No Time
4. Psalm 1
5. Warning
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