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jdjesusdisciple has the following albums:

(20 releases)

[.rod laver - The Dialogue : Rudolph Wayne vs. The Man]
[4th Avenue Jones - Hiprocksoul]
[4th Avenue Jones - No Plan B]
[4th Avenue Jones - No Plan B Part II]
[4th Avenue Jones - Respect]
[4th Avenue Jones - Stereo : the evolution of hiprocksoul]
[ArtOfact - Chemical Imbalance]
[Boogiemonsters - God Sound]
[Boogiemonsters - The Beginning of The End (single)]
[BreevEazie - Muppet Show Mixtape : the rainbow connection]
[Coleon - Tha Seed]
[Deepspace5 - Unique, just like everyone else]
[Dokument - Planet Dok (VII series EP ; 2)]
[Enock - Awethentic]
[Enock - The Too Raw Mixtape]
[Epic - The first]
[Realistikk - Real Talk : The Mixtape Volume 1]
[Realistikk - Secular Stress]
[Realistikk - The Real]
[Reconcile - Chronicles : The Lineage, Life & Legacy]

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