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Aliases:This artist is (or was) also known as: [MotionPlus]
Country:United States
Releases:[Golden Rule (EP)] [The SoundProtest] [Fun With Motion (mixtape)]
Info:William Sterns is Motion+ (or spelled as MotionPlus). He was born in Quincy, Illinois and raised by his Grandmother. William endured poverty, and the lack of a father figure, at an early age. William was introduced to hip hop in 1981, by a cousin that worked at a local college radio station.

The record William heard was the single Planet Rock from Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force, and a B-Boy was born. Growing up William was in and out of trouble, and was a terrible student.

At the age of 15 his Grandmother died of cancer, this effected his life in many ways. To deal with the pain of her passing away, William wrote his first song. Ever since that first song, William has dedicated himself to the art-form.

In his late teens William began to move around a lot. Living in many different parts of the United States: St. Louis, Kansas City, San Diego, Tulsa and New York City. This helped William see a bigger picture when it came to the music. But like so many other kids, it also allowed him to see the darker side of life.

Jail or Die
William was in and out of gangs, running with dealers, and saw many friends go to jail or die. When William was arrested for a gun charge in 1995, that was the turning point. Facing 3 years in jail, William turned to a local Pastor, and was introduced to the word of God.

As it changed his life he became more focused on the good things in his life, and less focused on the negative. Now dedicated to making positive music, He hopes to influence the people around him, his Community, and God willing the World.

Motion+ is member of the Scribbling Idiots and released his mixtape "Fun With Motion" in 2006.

Shelved Album
His debut album entitled "Sound Protest" was scheduled for release on Syntax Records in 2007. But on May 11th, 2007 the rapper states: "Motion Plus is not a factor any longer for the Syntax system, I wish them all the success in the world and it's all love! [...] I'm just writting and seeking God in the time of change and I have alot of junk inside my self that I need to clean out before I release anything!"

The MC used a special MySpace bulletin and blog (June 21st, 2007) to apologize for his negative actions. The bulletin contains this prayer: "Heavenly Father right here in the public eye I repent for my sins, I ask the people that I have hurt in anyway forgive me, and I pray that you restore me, renew me, and lead me, for the rest of my life, Lord I don't not take the talents you have giving me lightly and I will use them only to uplift your name, and plant seeds in the hearts of those who u direct to listen!"

Although Motion+ turned down an opportunity in the past to record mainstream tracks, and to drop the Christ centered lyrics (MySpace Blog, June 21st, 2007). It seemed that not these propositions made him stop being active in the christian hip hop scene, as he explains on the forum of Sphereofhiphop.com, September 2007: "I'm done, I dont want to be apart of the scene anymore, I have love for a alot of u, but I cant stand most of of you! Judgmental people need to rethink their way of life. I love the Lord more then anything but from this point on I will be a secular artist, and known as Bill Blast!!!!!!! I wish u all the best and I might stop in once and awhile to peep things out, [...]".

After the positive responses on the Sphere forum the MC now takes time to reflect and work on his production skills: "I have kinda stepped away from rappin for a minute to get my head and soul right, and plan my next move, but I'm making beats like a mad man." (MySpace bulletin October 3rd, 2007)

On June 26th, 2008 the rapper announced he started his own label Middle Ground Music together with End of Earth Records, which will take care of the digital distribution.

The solo project produced by Theory Hazit: "Soul Sonic Stimulation" (May 2007) is unsure for now.

The former Syntax Records release "Sound Protest" (2008) is released through the label End of Earth.

The following project is finished in 2008: Cas Metah and Motion+ with the album "SomeBuddies" (2009). The MC is currently working on an EP for 2009 and seems to have found his swing back.

Sources: Quote - Sphereofhiphop.com Forum: "Cant wait for Redclouds album, but when is Motion Plus....", May 10th, 2007 ; MySpace blog: Starting from scratch!, June 21st, 2007 ; Sphereofhiphop.com: Im done with Chrisitan music (not that u cats care), September 19th, 2007 ; MySpace bulletin: Check out my beat page and add it....., October 3rd, 2007 ; MySpace blog: Middle Ground Music is the label, June 26th, 2008.

Release:Golden Rule (EP)
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Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The EP is scheduled for release in 2009.
Production by JustMe of the Scribbling Idiots.
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Release:The SoundProtest
The SoundProtest
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:End Of Earth Records
Info:The album is released on January 18th, 2008.

Production by:
- Tony Stone: 1
- Theory Hazit: 2, 7
- Garlic Brown: 3, 4, 6, 8, 14, 16
- Re:Flex the Architect: 5, 15, 17
- Vintage: 9
- JustMe: 10
- Harry Krum (aka Playdough): 11
- sirROCDOMZ: 12, 13

1. Born and Raised
2. We the Victory - featuring Freddie Bruno & Theory Hazit
3. Lifetime of War - featuring Lyriz
4. Superheroes
5. Fade Away
6. Reach the Sky - featuring Kaboose
7. The Rise and Fall
8. Son Never Sets
9. Joyful Days
10. Seasons
11. Dirt Roads
12. Broadcasting Life
13. Love - featuring Man of War & MaxOne
14. Some Ol’ Feel Good
15. It’s My Time
16. Uprising - featuring JustMe
17. Superheroes (remix)
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Release:Fun With Motion (mixtape)
Fun With Motion (mixtape)
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Syntax Records
Info:This promotional album is released in October 2006.

1. Intro
2. Brass Knuckle Rap - featuring Sev Statik of Tunnel Rats & Deepspace5
3. Hot Bars - featuring Cas Metah & Wonder Brown of Scribbling Idiots
4. Sonneversets
5. 2TheBeatYall - featuring Vision1 of Shadow Facts
6. Can't Stop The Mo Plus
7. Keep It All Good - featuring K-Drama
8. Channel Changer
9. My 2 Pennies
10. One Life
11. Liberate - featuring MaxOne of Sackcloth Fashion
12. Reach The Sky - featuring Kaboose
13. Some Old Feel Good
14. StrataG and I - featuring StrataG
15. We The Victory - featuring Freddie Bruno of Phonetic Composistion, and Theory Hazit
16. Pray 2 The Lord - featuring Lyriz, and Man of War of Def Shepard
17. Analyze Self
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