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didactic has the following albums:

(22 releases)

[Ambassador - Christology In Laymen's Terms]
[Ambassador - The Thesis]
[Believin Stephen - What I Believe EP]
[Christcentric - City of God]
[Christcentric - The Mind Of Christ]
[Corey Red & Precise - Resistance Iz Futile]
[Evangel - Expository Journey]
[Hazakim - Theophanies [Hip-Hologetics Volume 2]]
[Json - Life on Life]
[Lecrae - After The Music Stops]
[Lecrae - Real Talk]
[Lecrae - Rebel]
[Redeemed Thought - Truth, Beauty, Goodness (re-release)]
[Shai Linne - Storiez]
[Shai Linne - The Atonement]
[Shai Linne - The solus Christus project]
[Stephen the Levite - To Die Is Gain]
[Timothy Brindle - Killing Sin]
[Timothy Brindle - The Great Awakening (original release)]
[Timothy Brindle - The Great Awakening (re-release)]
[Trip Lee - Between Two Worlds]
[Voice - The Crucible]

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