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MaddoC has the following albums:

(39 releases)

[Acts 29 - Under Exposed]
[Braille - Box Of Rhymes]
[Braille - Shades of Grey]
[Cross Movement - Holy culture]
[Cross Movement - House of representatives]
[Deepspace5 - The night we called it a day]
[Deepspace5 - Unique, just like everyone else]
[Future Shock - The art of Xenos : entertaining aliens]
[Gospel Gangstas - Do or die]
[Gospel Gangstas - I can see clearly now]
[GRITS - Grammatical revolution]
[GRITS - The Art of Translation]
[Heilig IJs - Andere inslag = Different mindset]
[Heilig IJs - Het vuur en de phoenix]
[John Reuben - The boy vs the cynic]
[Knowdaverbs - Unlocked]
[LA Symphony - The End Is Now (Gotee version)]
[Lightheaded - Pure Thoughts]
[Lightheaded - Wrong way]
[Listener - Talk Music]
[LMNO - Economic Food Chain Music]
[LMNO - P's & Q's]
[LMNO - This EP Reminds Me of 93]
[LPG - The Gadfly]
[Manafest - Glory]
[Mars ILL - Old Ironsides]
[Mars ILL - Pro Pain]
[Mars ILL - Raw Material (Uprok version)]
[New Breed - Stop the music]
[Othello - Elevator Music]
[Pigeon John - Pigeon John And The Summertime Pool Party]
[Pigeon John - Pigeon John is clueless]
[RUN DMC - Down with the King]
[Shai Linne - The solus Christus project]
[She'erith Nation - Volledig Onverantwoord]
[Timothy Brindle - Killing Sin]
[Tunnel Rats - The Tunnel Rats]
[Tunnel Rats - Tunnel Vision]
[Tunnel Rats - Underground Rise : Volume 1 : Sunrise/Sunset]

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