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pac0naut has the following albums:

(77 releases)

[1 Way - Souljourn]
[Acts 29 - Under Exposed]
[Adeem - Sweet talking your brain (indie)]
[Adeem - The first few inches]
[Ambassador - Christology In Laymen's Terms]
[Arhythmatik - Pre-algebra EP]
[Bar Wars - Legends of the Ecclessia : Volume 1]
[BC - Framework]
[BK (Blake Knight) - Beatmaker Session 1]
[BK (Blake Knight) - BK & Associates (single)]
[Boogiemonsters - Riders of The Storm, the underwater album]
[Boombox Titans - A voice in the desert]
[BPM - Ambidextrous]
[BPM - Beats per minute]
[Braille - Lifefirst : Half the Battle]
[Clever MC - The Maze of life]
[Comunalien - Manifest Destiny]
[Cross Movement - Heaven's Mentality]
[Cross Movement - House of representatives]
[Cross Movement - Human emergency]
[Deepspace5 - People are people (single)]
[Deepspace5 - The night we called it a day]
[Deepspace5 - Unique, just like everyone else]
[Deepspace5 - Your biggest fan (single)]
[DiRT (Shadow of the Locust) - A war to restore]
[DiRT (Shadow of the Locust) - Plague]
[DJ CreOne - Green Socks and Pepper Sauce]
[DJ CreOne - Underheard Mixtape]
[DJ Idull - Mixtape Volume One]
[E-Roc - A Lie N Science]
[E-Roc - Audio/Visual]
[E-Roc - Avalanche]
[E-Roc - The Return]
[Freddie Bruno - The Ballpoint Composer]
[Freddie Bruno - The Ballpoint Composer (single)]
[Future Shock - Blackboard (single)]
[Future Shock - Remember the Future]
[Future Shock - The art of Xenos : entertaining aliens]
[Gibraan - Mockinbyrd Slang: The voice of nureaumerica]
[GRITS - Factors of the seven]
[GRITS - Grammatical revolution]
[GRITS - The Art of Translation]
[GRITS - The Art of Translation (single)]
[Ill Harmonics - An octave obove the original]
[Ill Harmonics - Take Two]
[Ill Harmonics - Will I? (single)]
[ILLtripp - Dialog of the Downtrodden]
[Insomniaddicts - Space Rhyme Continuum EP]
[John Reuben - Are we there yet?]
[John Reuben - Hindsight]
[KJ-52 - 7th Avenue]
[KJ-52 - Collaborations]
[Knowdaverbs - The Syllabus]
[KnowNauts - 'Nauts Landing (EP)]
[Lightheaded - Pure Thoughts]
[Luke Geraty - It's Cold Out Here]
[Luke Geraty - The Before I Sold Out EP]
[Man of War - 10 Horn Daggers]
[Man of War - Love & War]
[MG! The Visionary - LifeMusic : Bob's Place Volume 1]
[MG! The Visionary - That cru (single)]
[MG! The Visionary - Transparemcee]
[New Breed - Stop the music]
[Phonetic Composition - PC Tools]
[Point 5 Covenant - The Les Clever EP]
[RedCloud - Is this thing on?]
[RedCloud - Traveling Circus (enhanced version)]
[Scott Allen - Life is art EP]
[Scott Allen - Unplugged EP]
[Tunnel Rats - Experience]
[Tunnel Rats - The Battle for L.A. : Footsoldiers volume 1 (DVD)]
[Tunnel Rats - Tunnel Vision]
[Tunnel Rats - Tunnel Vision (single)]
[Tunnel Rats - Underground Rise : Volume 1 : Sunrise/Sunset]
[Vocab Malone - Audio Journal]
[Vocab Malone - Happy Hardcore]
[Vocab Malone - Prism Cru All Stars]

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