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yortdog has the following albums:

(142 releases)

[.rod laver - In A Perfect World]
[.rod laver - In A Perfect World (pre-release)]
[.rod laver - No Toque El Toro]
[.rod laver - Trying Not To Try]
[116 Clique - Amped (EP)]
[116 Clique - The compilation album]
[12th Tribe - Enter The Tribal Camp [Welcome to the Tribal Camp]]
[12th Tribe - Gritty Funk Rezidue]
[12th Tribe - Knowledge Is The Tree Of Life]
[12th Tribe - Livin' In Babylon]
[29th Chapter, The - Underdogz]
[Ambassador - Christology In Laymen's Terms]
[Apocalypse - Holiness or Hell]
[APX (All Purpose Experience) - Subtle Deception]
[CMC's, The - Everyday Death Sentence]
[Cross Movement - Higher definition]
[Cross Movement - HIStory : Our Place In His Story]
[Cross Movement - Holy culture]
[Cross Movement - House of representatives]
[Cross Movement - Human emergency]
[D-Boy - Plantin' A Seed]
[D-Boy - The Lyrical Strength of One Street Poet]
[D-MAUB - Tymeline]
[D. Class - the Book Of Daniel : The Hip Hop Testiment]
[DC Talk - DC Talk]
[DC Talk - Free at last]
[DC Talk - Jesus Freak]
[DC Talk - Nu thang]
[DC Talk - Supernatural]
[Deepspace5 - Unique, just like everyone else]
[DJ Dove - The Devil's Worst Nightmare]
[DJ Skillspinz - The Foundation]
[DOC (Disciples of Christ) - Pullin' No Punches (single)]
[DOC (Disciples of Christ) - Righteous Funk]
[Dynamic Twins - It's Not Done]
[Dynamic Twins - No room to breathe]
[Dynamic Twins - Word 2 the wize]
[E-Roc - Listen To The G.O.D.]
[E-Roc - Tha Mad Prophets]
[E.T.W. (End Time Warriors) - End Time Warriors]
[Enock - Awethentic]
[Everyday Process - The Process of Illumination & Elimination]
[F.T.F. - Fireproof?]
[Flame - Rewind]
[Freedom of Soul - Caught in a land of time]
[Gospel Gangstas - All mixed up]
[Gospel Gangstas - Gang affiliated]
[Gospel Gangstas - I can see clearly now (single)]
[Gospel Gangstas - The Flood (CD)]
[GRITS - 7]
[GRITS - Factors of the seven]
[GRITS - Grammatical revolution]
[GRITS - Grammatical Revolution In The Spirit (pre-release)]
[GRITS - Ima Showem]
[GRITS - The Art of Translation (single)]
[I.D.O.L. King - Explosion 2000]
[I.D.O.L. King - Not by might]
[John Reuben - Are we there yet?]
[John Reuben - Hindsight]
[King Shon & The S.S.M.O.B. - Born Again Rebel From A Gangsta Level]
[King Shon & The S.S.M.O.B. - Hard II Kill Refuse II Die]
[King Shon & The S.S.M.O.B. - Papa didn't raize no punkz]
[King's Crew - Chillin' In The King's Castle]
[KJ-52 - 7th Avenue : 04 edition]
[KJ-52 - Behind the Musik (a boy named Jonah) (Deluxe Edition)]
[KJ-52 - Collaborations]
[KJ-52 - KJ-52 Remixed]
[KJ-52 - Pronounced Five-Two]
[KJ-52 - The Yearbook (Special Edition) (CD/DVD)]
[Knowdaverbs - The Action Figure (Single)]
[Knowdaverbs - The Syllabus]
[Knowdaverbs - The Syllabus (single)]
[LA Symphony - Composition #1]
[LA Symphony - Gonna Be Alright (single)]
[LA Symphony - Less Than Zero EP]
[LA Symphony - The End Is Now (Gotee version)]
[Lecrae - After The Music Stops]
[Lecrae - Real Talk]
[LZ7 - Ruckus]
[Manafest - Epiphany]
[Manafest - Misled youth EP]
[Manafest - My own thing]
[Mars ILL - Backbreakanomics]
[Mars ILL - Old Ironsides]
[Mars ILL - Pirate Radio]
[Mars ILL - Pro Pain]
[Mars ILL - Pro Pain (recalled version)]
[Mars ILL - Raw Material (Sphere version)]
[Mars ILL - Raw Material (Uprok version)]
[Michael Peace - Rappin' Bold]
[Michael Peace - RRRock it Right]
[Michael Peace - Vigilante Of Hope]
[Native Son & The Foundation - Life in the Grave]
[Pettidee - Resurrections : Past, Present And Future]
[Pettidee - Thug Love]
[PID (Preachers in Disguise) - Back to Back]
[PID (Preachers in Disguise) - Here We Are]
[PID (Preachers in Disguise) - Here We Are (music cassette)]
[PID (Preachers in Disguise) - Racism (single)]
[PID (Preachers in Disguise) - The Chosen Ones]
[PID (Preachers in Disguise) - Violent Playgrounds]
[Pigeon John - Pigeon John is dating your sister]
[POD - Snuff the punk]
[Preachas in tha Hood - Gangstaz Pain]
[Preachas in tha Hood - Tears of a gangsta]
[Rap Sures - O.T. Rap]
[RedCloud - Hawthorne's Most Wanted]
[RedCloud - Is this thing on?]
[Rev. Run - Distortion]
[RUN DMC - Down with the King]
[Say What? - Fresh Fish]
[Say What? - Nuclear Fishin']
[SFC - A Saved Man (in the Jungle)]
[SFC - Illumination]
[SFC - Listen up]
[SFC - Phase III]
[Stephen Wiley - Bible Break]
[Stephen Wiley - Get Real]
[Stephen Wiley - Rappin' For Jesus]
[Stone Coal - Put Some Gospel To It]
[Sup the Chemist - Dust]
[Sup the Chemist - Eargasmic arrangements]
[Sup the Chemist - Raider of the lost art (EP)]
[T-Bone - Bone-A-Fide]
[T-Bone - Can I live (single)]
[T-Bone - Gospel Alpha Mega Funky Boogie Disco Music]
[T-Bone - Redeemed hoodlum]
[T-Bone - Tha Hoodlum's Testimony]
[T-Bone - Tha life of a hoodlum]
[T-Bone - The Last Street Preacha]
[T-Bone - Turn this up (single)]
[TobyMac - Momentum]
[TobyMac - Portable Sounds]
[TobyMac - Welcome to diverse city]
[Various Artists - John Jacobs and the Power Team : Soundtrack]
[Various Artists - LOD : Life Over Death Compilation : Victory #1]
[Various Artists - Microphone Theology]
[Various Artists - Rap : Straight From The Streets]
[Various Artists - The Fallen Soldier Compilation : A Tribute To D-Boy : Danny Rodriguez]
[Various Artists - Yo! Ho Ho]
[Wordz - You Haven't Heard Me Yet]
[XL & DBD (Death Before Dishonor) - Sodom and America]

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