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DJ Mighty White has the following albums:

(132 releases)

[1 Way - Destination Unknown]
[12th Tribe - Enter The Tribal Camp [Welcome to the Tribal Camp]]
[12th Tribe - Knowledge Is The Tree Of Life]
[12th Tribe - Livin' In Babylon]
[4th Avenue Jones - Stereo : the evolution of hiprocksoul]
[Adeem - Transitions]
[Apocalypse - Holiness or Hell]
[Barry G. - Rugged Witness]
[Boogiemonsters - God Sound]
[BPM - Beats per minute]
[Braille - Box Of Rhymes]
[Braille - The IV Edition]
[Brainwash Projects - The Rise And Fall Of Brainwash Projects]
[Comunalien - Manifest Destiny]
[CookBook & UNO Mas - Robertson Street Bullies EP]
[CookBook & UNO Mas - Stereo-types]
[CookBook & UNO Mas - The Overflow]
[D-Boy - Peace 2 the poet]
[D-Boy - The Lyrical Strength of One Street Poet]
[DC Talk - DC Talk]
[DC Talk - Free at last]
[DC Talk - Free at last - Extended Play Remixes]
[DC Talk - Jesus Freak : The Single]
[DC Talk - Nu thang]
[DDC - Plate Fulla Funk]
[Deepspace5 - The night we called it a day]
[DiRT (Shadow of the Locust) - A war to restore]
[DiRT (Shadow of the Locust) - Plague]
[DJ Dove - The Devil's Worst Nightmare]
[Dynamic Twins - 40 days in the wilderness]
[Dynamic Twins - Word 2 the wize]
[E-Roc - Greatest hits]
[E-Roc - Jesus Smoke]
[E-Roc - Listen To The G.O.D.]
[E-Roc - The Return]
[E.T.W. (End Time Warriors) - Ain't nobody dyin' but us]
[E.T.W. (End Time Warriors) - Let's stay together]
[E.T.W. (End Time Warriors) - Stop! The wild hype]
[Falling Tsar - Falling Tsar Project]
[Faze - Just tryin ta stay up]
[Fred Lynch - Gimmie Tha Planet]
[Freedom of Soul - Caught in a land of time]
[Freedom of Soul - The 2nd comin']
[Fresh Digress - Fresh Digress]
[Future Shock - Remember the Future]
[Future Shock - The art of Xenos : entertaining aliens]
[Gibraan - Mockinbyrd Slang: The voice of nureaumerica]
[Glue - Catch as Catch Can]
[Gospel Gangstas - All mixed up]
[Gospel Gangstas - Do or die]
[Gospel Gangstas - Gang affiliated]
[Gotee Brothers - Erace]
[GRITS - Factors of the seven]
[GRITS - Grammatical revolution]
[Ill Harmonics - An octave obove the original]
[Ill Harmonics - Modern Heart Exhibit]
[Ill Harmonics - Monkey Business]
[Ill Harmonics - Take Two]
[J.C. and the Boyz - Chill 4 Awhile]
[J.C. Crew - Serius Bizness]
[Jurny Big - Biggest Of Them All]
[JustMe & Cas Metah - Scribbling Idiots present : JustMe & Cas Metah]
[Kaboose - Excuse Me]
[King Shon & The S.S.M.O.B. - Papa didn't raize no punkz]
[King's Crew - Chillin' In The King's Castle]
[King's Crew - Love Goes On]
[King's Crew - This Ain't Make Believe]
[KJ-52 - 7th Avenue : 04 edition]
[KJ-52 - Collaborations]
[KJ-52 - KJ-52 Remixed]
[Knowdaverbs - The Action Figure]
[Knowdaverbs - The Syllabus]
[Knowdaverbs - Unlocked]
[LA Symphony - Disappear Here]
[LA Symphony - The End Is Now (Gotee version)]
[Lifesavas - Spirit in Stone]
[LMNO - Leave my name out]
[Lojique - Language Arts]
[LPG - The Earthworm]
[LPG - The Gadfly]
[Luke Geraty - The Before I Sold Out EP]
[Macho - Freedom (VII series EP ; 1)]
[Man of War - 10 Horn Daggers]
[Manafest - Glory]
[Mars ILL - Backbreakanomics]
[Mars ILL - Pro Pain]
[Mars ILL - Raw Material (Uprok version)]
[MC Ge Gee - ...And now the mission continues]
[MC RG - In Jesus name]
[MG! The Visionary - Transparemcee]
[Michael Peace - Vigilante Of Hope]
[Mike E. - Pass it on]
[Native Son & The Foundation - Life in the Grave]
[New Breed - Nine]
[New Breed - Stop the music]
[Peace 586 - Generations]
[Peace 586 - The Risen Son]
[PID (Preachers in Disguise) - Born With The Gift : John 3:16 Factor]
[PID (Preachers in Disguise) - Here we are/Back to Back (double CD)]
[PID (Preachers in Disguise) - The Chosen Ones]
[PID (Preachers in Disguise) - Violent Playgrounds]
[Pigeon John - Pigeon John And The Summertime Pool Party]
[Pigeon John - Pigeon John is clueless (original release)]
[Playdough - Lonely superstar]
[POD - Brown]
[POD - Snuff the punk]
[Procussions - 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents (US version)]
[Propaganda - I Am Not Them (VII series EP ; 3)]
[RedCloud - Hawthorne's Most Wanted]
[RedCloud - Traveling circus]
[Rev. Run - Distortion]
[Rob Hodge - Born King]
[Rootbeer - The Pink Limousine EP]
[RUN DMC - Down with the King]
[Sackcloth Fashion - Something For Everyone To Hate]
[Say What? - Fresh Fish]
[Say What? - Nuclear Fishin']
[Sev Statik - Speak life]
[SFC - Illumination]
[SFC - Listen up]
[SFC - Phase III]
[Sivion - Spring of the Songbird]
[SOHL 4UR Tribe - 2 tha bazix]
[Solseekers - Halfway There EP]
[Solseekers - People Watching]
[Sup the Chemist - Dust]
[T-Bone - Redeemed hoodlum]
[T-Bone - Tha life of a hoodlum]
[Transformation Crusade - Makin' it Happen]
[Tunnel Rats - Experience]
[Tunnel Rats - Tunnel Vision]
[XL & DBD (Death Before Dishonor) - Sodom and America]

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