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busyr has the following albums:

(363 releases)

[1 Way - Souljourn]
[3NP - Council of the wise (pre-release)]
[3NP - Family (single)]
[3NP - MG! the Visionary in... : Council of the Wise : featuring Smoke]
[3NP - Poetically Consecrated]
[4th Avenue Jones - Do Re Mi (single)]
[4th Avenue Jones - It's over now (single)]
[4th Avenue Jones - Move on (single)]
[4th Avenue Jones - No Plan B]
[4th Avenue Jones - R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (single)]
[4th Avenue Jones - Respect / Rules of the game (single)]
[A-1 S.W.I.F.T. - Tales from the Swift : The Underground Story (vinyl EP)]
[Acts 29 - Under Exposed]
[Adeem - Sweet talking your brain]
[Ahmad - Back In The Day (vinyl single)]
[Ambassador - Christology In Laymen's Terms]
[Ambassador - One-two (single)]
[Antitoxin - Bootleg]
[Arc!tex - Shadowcolors (EP)]
[B.B. Jay - Don't be mad (Who Da' Blame) Vinyl Single]
[Barry G. - Rugged Witness]
[BeBtist - BeBtist Botst]
[BK (Blake Knight) - BK & Associates (single)]
[Blackrockstar - Choices]
[Blessed Man - Bless The Nation 21st Century]
[Boogiemonsters - God Sound]
[Boogiemonsters - Riders of The Storm, the underwater album]
[Boogiemonsters - The Beginning of The End (single)]
[Braille - Box Of Rhymes (single)]
[Braille - Hiphop Music (single)]
[Braille - Scatter brain]
[Braille - Shades of Grey]
[Braille - Survival Movement & Evacuate (EP)]
[Brainwash Projects - The Rise And Fall Of Brainwash Projects]
[Brainwash Projects - Want for nada (single)]
[BusyR - Tha Mixxteep]
[BusyR - Weg en Waarheid]
[BusyR & Miss B. - Bless The Lord My Soul]
[BX Music - Few Changes]
[Cauzin' Efekt - Famlee Affair]
[Cauzin' Efekt - Listen to the Voice]
[Ceebrolistics - A Day of the People in Between]
[Ceebrolistics - Homeless Beats '97]
[Christiano - Anointed Shogun]
[Clever MC - Instrumentals taken from the Maze of Life LP]
[CMC's, The - Everyday Death Sentence]
[Coleon - Tha Seed]
[Comunalien - Manifest Destiny]
[CookBook & UNO Mas - The Overflow]
[Cross Movement - Gift Rap]
[Cross Movement - Heaven's Mentality]
[Cross Movement - Holy Culture DVD]
[Cross Movement - House of representatives]
[D-Boy - Classic Archives]
[D-Boy - Peace 2 the poet]
[Daikini - LP]
[Danny Fresh - Rock Star (single)]
[DC Talk - Nu thang]
[DC Talk - Welcome to the freak show (live)]
[Deepspace5 - The night we called it a day]
[Deepspace5 - Unique, just like everyone else]
[Deepspace5 - Unique, Just Like Everyone Else (single)]
[DiRT (Shadow of the Locust) - A war to restore]
[DJ Allstar - Uprok Records mixtape : volume 2]
[DJ Digital Josh - DMC DJ Breaks 1]
[DJ Digital Josh - E Pluribus Unum]
[DJ Digital Josh - The Master's Call]
[DJ DNA - The Exploration EP]
[DJ DNA - When Day Breaks, Night Falls]
[DJ Dove - The Devil's Worst Nightmare]
[DJ Flagrant - The Head-Cleaner Mix Tape .02]
[DJ Form - Oldschool 101 Break Beats]
[DJ Maj - Full Plates]
[DJ Maj - Full Plates (single)]
[DJ Maj - Sabbatical Transit]
[DJ Maj - The Real / Virtual Frequency pilot]
[DJ Maj - The Ringleader]
[DJ Maj - The Ringleader (Single)]
[DJ Maj - Wax Museum]
[DJ Morphiziz - Best of the Submissions : volume 1]
[DJ Sean P - Sphere of Hip Hop Vinyl mix : 001]
[DJ Zilla - Mark 9:23 Mixtape volume 1]
[DOC (Disciples of Christ) - So how ya livin'?]
[Dolo Pacino - Mr. LEAK]
[Dust - No Fame]
[Dynamic Twins - 40 days in the wilderness]
[Dynamic Twins - Above the Ground]
[Dynamic Twins - No room to breathe]
[Dynamic Twins - Resurrection EP]
[Dynamic Twins - Word 2 the wize]
[E.T.W. (End Time Warriors) - Ain't nobody dyin' but us]
[E.T.W. (End Time Warriors) - End Time Warriors]
[E.T.W. (End Time Warriors) - Phsychosocioghettopathic]
[Ernst van de Zaak - Ernst van de Zaak (CD/ DVD)]
[Falling Tsar - Falling Tsar Project]
[Fiti Futuristic - Watch what happens]
[Flagz Da Bad Boy - Fiya Cracka]
[Flagz Da Bad Boy - Flagz Da Bad Boy promo]
[Flynn Adam Atkins - In like Flynn]
[Flynn Adam Atkins - Night after Night (single)]
[Freddie Bruno - Tour Sampler]
[Freedom of Soul - Caught in a land of time]
[Freedom of Soul - The 2nd comin']
[Future Shock - Blackboard (single)]
[Future Shock - Focused]
[Future Shock - Remember the Future]
[Future Shock - The art of Xenos : entertaining aliens]
[Gibraan - Mockinbyrd Slang: The voice of nureaumerica]
[Glue - Catch as Catch Can]
[Glue - Catch As Catch Can Instrumentals]
[Glue - Haunt (single)]
[Gospel Emcee - La Nouvelle Alliance Presente : Gospel Emcee : volume 1]
[Gospel Gangstas - All mixed up]
[Gospel Gangstas - Do or die]
[Gospel Gangstas - Gang affiliated]
[Gospel Gangstas - I can see clearly now]
[Gospel Gangstas - The exodus]
[GRITS - Dichotomy B (pre-release)]
[GRITS - Factors of the seven]
[GRITS - Factors of the Seven (single)]
[GRITS - Grammatical revolution]
[GRITS - Here we go : collectors series (video)]
[GRITS - Ima Showem]
[GRITS - Instrumentals 1]
[GRITS - Instrumentals 3]
[GRITS - Mental releases]
[GRITS - The Art of Translation (single)]
[GRITS - They all fall down [Ruff Nation Remix] (vinyl single)]
[Group 1 Crew - Group 1 Crew Advance Release]
[H.O.G. - Booitz]
[Heilig IJs - Andere inslag = Different mindset]
[Heilig IJs - Het vuur en de phoenix]
[Heilig IJs - Music Is Evil (EP)]
[Heilig IJs - Strikt Persoonlijk EP]
[Heilig IJs - Vertaalslag]
[Idoalist - Breinbereik : De Muzoekolutie]
[Idoalist - Fossil Seediments]
[Idoalist - Hara Ki Netics]
[Idoalist - Hondsdagenbeats : Beats voor de Ziel door Idoalist]
[Ill Harmonics - An octave obove the original]
[Ill Harmonics - Monkey Business]
[Ill Harmonics - Take two (single)]
[Ill Harmonics - Will I? (single)]
[Ja & Rusp - IJstheep]
[Japhia Life - Pages Of Life : Chapter One]
[JDA - Stap In Het licht]
[John Reuben - Are we there yet? (Single)]
[John Reuben - Hindsight (single)]
[John Reuben - Monuments]
[John Reuben - Word of Mouth]
[Jonek - Inukshuk : Pointing In The Right Direction]
[Jurny Big - Biggest Of Them All]
[K2S (Key To Salvation) - Better Dayz]
[KJ-52 - 7th Avenue]
[KJ-52 - Pronounced Five-Two]
[Knowdaverbs - Sections from the Syllabus EP]
[Knowdaverbs - The Action Figure (Single)]
[Knowdaverbs - The Syllabus]
[LA Symphony - Big. Broke. L.A.]
[LA Symphony - Broken tape decks (single)]
[LA Symphony - Everybody Get (single)]
[LA Symphony - Gonna Be Alright (single)]
[LA Symphony - Heartfelt rhymes (single)]
[LA Symphony - I can't have her (single)]
[Lifesavas - Spirit in Stone]
[Lightheaded - Never Square (single)]
[Lightheaded - Pure Thoughts]
[Lightheaded - Pure Thoughts : Special Edition (vinyl)]
[Lightheaded - Timeless (single)]
[Lightheaded - UHH! (single)]
[Lil Raskull - Gory 2 Glory]
[Listener - Ozark Empire]
[Listener - Train Songs (EP)]
[Listener - Whispermoon]
[Listener & Dust - Just In Time For Christmas]
[LMNO - 1888 (single)]
[LMNO - Check Out Time : Five AM]
[LMNO - Damsel in Distress (single)]
[LMNO - Economic Food Chain Music]
[LMNO - Head lock (single)]
[LMNO - Hit (single)]
[LMNO - Invigorating (single)]
[LMNO - Leave my name out]
[LMNO - LMNO (single)]
[LMNO - Natural Beauty (single)]
[Lojique - Language Arts]
[Lojique - Process of illumination (pre-release)]
[LPG - 360 Degrees]
[LPG - The Earthworm]
[Luke Geraty - It's Cold Out Here]
[Maallikko - Saarnaajat]
[Man of War - 10 Horn Daggers]
[Man of War - Love & War]
[Manafest - My own thing (single)]
[Mark J. - Concept After Concept]
[Mark J. - Soulutions]
[Mars ILL - Backbreakanomics]
[Mars ILL - Backbreaks]
[Mars ILL - Backwaterprophets]
[Mars ILL - Blue Collar Sessions]
[Mars ILL - Blue Collar Sessions (vinyl)]
[Mars ILL - Breathe Slow (single)]
[Mars ILL - Mars ILL (DVD)]
[Mars ILL - Mona Lisa (single)]
[Mars ILL - Old Ironsides]
[Mars ILL - Pirate Radio]
[Mars ILL - Pirate Radio +PLUS]
[Mars ILL - Pro Pain]
[Mars ILL - Pro Pain (maxi single)]
[Mars ILL - Pro Pain (pre-release)]
[Mars ILL - Pro Pain : Instrumentals]
[Mars ILL - Raw Material (Sphere version)]
[Mars ILL - Raw Material : Fifth Year Anniversary]
[Mars ILL - Redefine (single)]
[Mars ILL - Sound Methods 2.0]
[MC Bounds - How to be a man]
[MC Dash - It's the fire]
[MC Ge Gee - ...And now the mission continues]
[MC RG - In Jesus name]
[MG! The Visionary - That cru (single)]
[MG! The Visionary - Transparemcee]
[Michael Peace - Rappin' Bold]
[Michael Peace - RRRock it Right]
[Mike E. - Good news for the bad timez]
[MJ - Mijn wereld op aarde]
[Mr. Del - Hope Dealer]
[Mr. J. Medeiros - Of Gods And Girls EP]
[New Breed - Stop the music]
[New Breed - Stop The Music (single)]
[NOA (Nomadische Onaantastbare Alliantie) - Nomadische Onaantastbare Alliantie EP]
[NuWine - Test]
[Ohmega Watts - That Sound (single)]
[Ohmega Watts - The find]
[OPA - Heile welt (single)]
[OPA - Unterwegs : Zuhaus und daheim]
[Original Atalaya - Genesis]
[Original Atalaya - Rappertorio Mixtape]
[Othello - Elevator Music]
[Passie Posse - Passie Posse (DVD)]
[Passie Posse - Rechtstreeks]
[Peace 586 - 586 (original release)]
[Peace 586 - aBle]
[Peace 586 - Generations]
[Peace 586 - The Risen Son]
[Pettidee - Thug Love]
[PID (Preachers in Disguise) - Born With The Gift : John 3:16 Factor]
[PID (Preachers in Disguise) - The Chosen Ones]
[Pigeon John - Life goes on (single)]
[Pigeon John - Nothing without you (single)]
[Pigeon John - Originalz (single)]
[Pigeon John - Pigeon John is clueless (original release)]
[Pigeon John - Pigeon John is clueless (single)]
[Pigeon John - Pigeon John is dating your sister]
[Pigeon John - Pigeon John sings the blues]
[Pride, The - Something IV Nothing]
[Priesthood - Sprinkle Me Luv]
[Procussions - 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents (US version)]
[Procussions - As iron sharpens iron]
[Procussions - Celebration (single)]
[Procussions - Leave Her Alone (single)]
[Propaganda - Out of knowhere]
[R.O.A.R. - A Dozen Diamonds Of Warfare]
[Rafi P. - Raise Him up]
[Raphi - Cali Quake (single)]
[Raptillion - Ghetto Therapy]
[Raven - 2K A.D.]
[RedCloud - Is this thing on?]
[Richy D. - The Exposure promo]
[Royal Ruckus Productions - Royal Ruckus]
[RUN DMC - Down with the King]
[Sackcloth Fashion - Rising Sons (single)]
[Sackcloth Fashion - Something For Everyone To Hate]
[Sackcloth Fashion - The Lone Flower]
[Scribbling Idiots - Told You So (single)]
[Sen - Bijelkaargeraapt]
[Sev Statik - Afterburn : Slow Burn Remix LP : The PCM Edition]
[Sev Statik - Tha Point Man EP]
[Sev Statik - The Sliver EP]
[SFC - Phase III]
[SGR Gladiators - It Is What It Is]
[She'erith Nation - Vechtstreken : Nooit meer dan waanzin (EP)]
[She'erith Nation - Volledig Onverantwoord]
[Sintax the Terrific - Simple moves (Illect)]
[Sivion - I Still Love H.E.R. (single)]
[Sivion - Mood Enhancement (pre-release)]
[Skinfiltr8r - Audio Sketches]
[SOCOM (Soldier Of Christ On A Mission) - Truth Be Told Hosted By DJ 4​:​12]
[SOCOM (Soldier Of Christ On A Mission) - Truth Be Told Hosted By DJ WILL]
[SOHL 4UR Tribe - 2 tha bazix]
[Solseekers - Halfway There EP]
[Solseekers - People Watching]
[Soul Plasma - Goodness (single)]
[Soul Plasma - The Premiere (vinyl)]
[Spiegel-Beeld - De Spiegel en Ik]
[Squashy Nice & A-D - Closer (single)]
[Stowaways - Science (single)]
[Stu Dent - Altered state]
[Stu Dent - Nephilim : Act of God 1]
[Subculture Deviants - The Energon Cube]
[Sup the Chemist - Dust]
[Sup the Chemist - Raider of the lost art (EP)]
[T-Bone - Tha History of a Hoodlum]
[T-Bone - Turn this up (single)]
[Theory Hazit - Extra Credit]
[Theory Hazit - Necrology 101 : Tha BoomKlapp]
[Theory Hazit - The world according to Theory]
[Timothy Brindle - The Great Awakening (original release)]
[Todd Bangz - Think it's a game]
[Tre-9 - Godfather (single)]
[Tru-Life - The journal volume 1]
[Tunnel Rats - Experience]
[Tunnel Rats - Tunnel Vision]
[Tunnel Rats - Tunnel Vision (single)]
[Tunnel Rats - Underground Rise : Volume 1 : Sunrise/Sunset]
[Urban Disciple - The Immigrant (single)]
[Urban Disciple - The Missin' Element]
[Urban Disciple - We go together like (single)]
[Various Artists - Bust A Rhyme 2 Times / D-Boy, MC RG]
[Various Artists - Bust A Rhyme 2 Times / PID, D-Boy]
[Various Artists - Fashion Expo - Round One : Tru Hip-Hop]
[Various Artists - Flavor Fest Volume 2 (DVD)]
[Various Artists - Flavor Fest Volume 3 (DVD)]
[Various Artists - Flavor Fest [Volume 1] (DVD)]
[Various Artists - Fresh Rotations Volume 1]
[Various Artists - From street to stages]
[Various Artists - Get into ... Gotee]
[Various Artists - Goodnews mix tape (100% Jesus)]
[Various Artists - Gotee Urban vol 2]
[Various Artists - GT Compilation Volume II : Muzik ta Ride 2]
[Various Artists - Heavy Rotation (single)]
[Various Artists - Hip Hope Hits 2005 (DVD)]
[Various Artists - Hip Hope Hits 2007 : The Hottest Positive Hip Hop of the Year]
[Various Artists - Holy Hip Hop : The Movie]
[Various Artists - Lamp Mode Recordings presents Grassroots]
[Various Artists - Left behind II : Tribulation Force : Urban Hip Hop]
[Various Artists - Microphone Theology]
[Various Artists - Night owls 2 : sleep therapy]
[Various Artists - Night Owls One : Nocturnal Doctrine]
[Various Artists - Power of The Holy Spirit / Timothy Brindle ; WorldWideWeb / Shai Linne (single)]
[Various Artists - ReServed Project]
[Various Artists - Rev. Run Presents]
[Various Artists - Rouchinet Entertainment Presents: Mac Jams]
[Various Artists - Sanktifunctafyd]
[Various Artists - Sphere Of Hip Hop : Compilation #1]
[Various Artists - Sphere of Hip Hop : Radio Singles]
[Various Artists - Sphere of Hip Hop : Radio Singles #3]
[Various Artists - The 97 Soundtrack]
[Various Artists - The Brainstorm Maximum Volume : Rap]
[Various Artists - The wages of Syntax]
[Various Artists - Ultimate Rap]
[Various Artists - Urban soldiers 3 : streets]
[Various Artists - Urban Soldiers [1]]
[Various Artists - Victory OutReach - Up from the ashes]
[Various Artists - What Are You Listening To? : Hip Hop [Volume 1]]
[Various Artists - What Are You Listening To? : Hip Hop [Volume 2]]
[Various Artists - Xnoizz Urban Mixtape]
[Various Artists - Zeven Zegels Music Compilation]
[Verses - Ms. O'Ginny (single)]
[Vorm - Christ rules everything around me]
[Vorm - Precious Young Nightingale]
[W4C - Holy Cuts Volume I]
[W4C - Tres Amigos (vinyl single)]
[Wax Musim Collective - Zero EP]

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